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Learn 10 set of rules to write an excellent CDR

Learn 10 set of rules to write an excellent CDR

Learn 10 set of rules to write an excellent CDR

You can follow a set of rules to write an excellent CDR. The Competency Demonstration Report allows getting a skilled migration visa for Australia. It allows engineers to start a professional journey in Australia. As the CDR plays a significant role in getting a skilled migration visa, it is essential to know the correct procedure to adopt as you apply for the visa.
The EA evaluator checks your professional skill, knowledge, expertise along with language skills. So, make sure that you have the correct format and the right language.

  • Always remember the essential documents that go along with CDR
  • An application form of the CDR
  • A copy of your educational certificates and transcripts
  • A recent copy of your resume
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • English Language test result (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • Three Career Episode Reports
  • A summary statement

The applicants should be familiar with the MSA booklet and have to follow all the guidelines in it even before starting to write CDR. The following are the primary rules that must be followed:

Rules for preparing CPD

  • You should use the proper table format while enlisting the professional development activities
  • You have to include all the activities like qualification, work experience, certificates, training, internships, etc. with the date of it in a linear sequence.
  • Informal activities like extra courses, online training can be included.
  • All those vital details have to be covered on one page.

Rules for writing Career Episode

  • The word limit of 1500- 2500 for the Career episode is set in the MSA Booklet
  • The career episode should show your roles and responsibilities in the project that describe your technical skill, talent, and knowledge, avoid explaining the work done by a team.
  • You should use the correct language and the right sentence structure with detailed information.
  • The three distinct career episodes have to be submitted.

Rules for writing Summary Statement

  • The summary statement should give comprehensive information on career episodes.
  • Provide the summary of your primary role and responsibilities in a project

Learn 10 Set of Rules to Write an Excellent CDR

  1. Before starting to write, the CDR has a clear idea of it, its importance, and the procedure to prepare it. Don’t forget to read all the EA guidelines of the MSA Booklet.
  2. Get the right ANZSCO score of the engineering discipline you are specialized in and select the project for a career episode that shows your skill, talent, and technical knowledge.
  3. Assemble all the information and make sure that the information is accessible at the time of writing like details of the organization, projects, stage of career, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  4. Australian English should be used for writing the CDR Report. We provide the original content with the best writing style that helps to ensure your CDR to have a positive skill assessment.
  5. To write Career Episode, use first-person and describe your role and responsibilities in the project rather than other project members.
  6. The main reason for CDR rejection is the plagiarism issue of content. So, don’t copy and paste the content found on the internet and use the CDR sample for reference purposes only.
  7. Mention the relevant workshops and training you have attended. Also, you can include your software knowledge, research contribution, etc. which shows your technical ability in front of the EA evaluator.
  8. Include three different projects for career episodes and have proper referencing in your summary statement as well.
  9. Always remember to mention the predefined goal of a project and its outcome at last, also all the problems that you face and your contribution to solving that issue.
  10. Don’t hesitate to include your professional achievements like recognition you received for your hard work, goals you met, and the project outputs in the last section of your career episodes.


Thus, to get a positive assessment from EA, your CDR must contain all the reliable content based on your working experience and knowledge. All the valid documents are needed to prove your statements.

The professional team of CDRReportWriters can assist you in getting an exceptional quality CDR report. You don’t need to worry about the procedure, career episode, summary statement, CPD, etc. Our experts will easily handle all those stuff for you. You can get a CDR sample of your field from us. The professional team of writers provides you with plagiarism-free work and also provides reviewing services.

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