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Continuing Professional Development

CPD Points Australia

The engineers have to prepare a report or documentation which illustrates their knowledge, skills, and training, that documentation is known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This document shows that you are up-to-date with all the latest advances in your field of Engineering. All the knowledge you have developed to date and your skills that you have gained are included in this report. Engineer’s Australia provides a particular CPD format to prepare it where important aspects like what it should include are described in detail. While preparing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD), you must keep in mind the following few things:

  • It should be in the form of a list and represented in chronological order.
  • It must not exceed one page but should contain the detailed information of workshops and conferences including location, duration, and skills achieved
  • It should contain data pertaining to both formal and informal background.
  • It is not required to attach certificates of courses and events.
  • It must include information on conferences attended, papers delivered, short courses, workshops, seminars, technical meetings attended, presentations prepared.
  • Volunteer services to the engineering field or mentoring students.
CPD Points

Continuing Professional Development for Engineers Australia

Usually, CPD writing involves information based on two perspectives: training-based and development-based. Training-based is the formal part of the CPD writing where information related to enhancing skills and knowledge is provided.

The development part is more of an informal approach where the entirety of the individual and the competency as an engineer is projected. The ability and will to develop as an engineer are both depicted from a fully formatted CPD. It shows an individual’s skills, knowledge as well as other attributes of management, leadership, mentorship, academics, writing skills, communications which are equally important in any reputed organization or firm.

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Requirements for CPD

The CPD requirement that are specified by the Engineers Australia must be maintained in CPD for the high chances of approval. Specifically, It has defined 8 types of CPD activities and the minimum number of hours associated with each. In totality, the professionals have to maintain a goal of 150 hours CPD per 3 years time.

There are four types of elements define by Engineers Australia. Hence they evaluates every CPD based on these elements.

  • Personal Commitment : How you practice ethical behavior in the workplace and take responsibility for your engineering activities
  • Obligations to the Community : How you engage yourself in community activities, undergo risk mitigation and develop sustainable solutions
  • Value of Workplace: How well you can communicate at the workplace and demonstrate your decision making and teamwork abilities
  • Technical Proficiency: How you demonstrate your engineering skills, creativity, knowledge and innovation

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