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    CDR Services

    We know how difficult it might be to prepare your CDR report yourself. CDR report writing on your own is a reasonable effort, but what if all those efforts are meaningless when EA rejects your application for a small mistake? So for this very reason, CDRreportwriters is here for your assistance.

    Being one of the well-known online sources, we are here to help those searching for professional and experienced CDR report writers. We provide online services for complete CDR report preparation, career episode writing, summary statements, CPD writing, CDR reviewing, and tutoring. CDR reports for skill assessment get assessed by Engineers Australia, and the Australian Computer Society evaluates the RPL report. We ensure you will get a genuine report from CDR report writers and get the EA’s approval.

    CDR report writers

    What do we have to offer?

    Quality CDR Report

    Because a CDR report represents your competencies and technical capabilities on a paper, writing incorrect information would be a huge mistake and could result in immediate rejection. We have a team of professional, skilled writers to provide you with a genuine report free of Plagiarism.

    Licensed Writers

    We hire professional, experienced writers from various engineering disciplines who are well aware of the individual applicant requirement. They have been in this for years with a 100 % report approval rate. You can even try out our free samples for reference, available for download upon request.

    Economical Rates

    We always strive for perfection in everything we create. We provide complete guidance, review, and prepare the CDR report, RPL report, and KA02 report until you receive your approval letter. Get in touch with us for our professional writing services for engineering and ICT applicants at a reasonable price.

    Are you looking for professional help with your CDR Report?

    Get a complete package of professional CDR reports with a guaranteed positive assessment. You can get a free consultation with our experts.


    Complete CDR Process

    Applicant requirement Analysis

    Applicant requirement Analysis

    Different applicants are from various professions with particular criteria, so it's our job to analyze their requirements and provide genuine reports for preparing CDR reports for engineers.

    Expert Advice

    Expert Advice

    After listening to Applicant's requirements, we consider professional expert advice. We only hire professional writers who got knowledge in the particular engineering discipline.

    Reviewing and checking for Plagiarism01

    Reviewing and checking for Plagiarism

    After the report gets completed writing your CDR, we go for several reviews and evaluations since we believe in quality. Only after several studies do we handle the report to the Applicant.

    Deliver CDR Report

    Deliver CDR Report

    If you need modifications to your CDR Report, you can see the draft of the final report and inform us to change it. Once satisfied, we will finalize your CDR report and send it to you.

    occupational categories

    Occupational Categories Defined by EA










    What are CDR Report Guidelines?

    Engineers preparing for migration to Australia need to be assessed by Engineers Australia through Competency Demonstration Report. Making your CDR report perfect is imperative to get Engineers Australia’s approval. The primary purpose of CDR Assessment is to know the following:

    • Your knowledge on technical factors of engineering.
    • How you have used your engineering knowledge and skills.
    • Your competency capability in engineering occupation you choose.

    The CDR Report has three sections: Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement writing. We also provide CDR Writing, CDR Reviewing, and CDR Tutoring Services. The complete guidelines or CDR samples for writing this report gets presented here to help you with your CDR Writing.

    Continuing Professional Development

    What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way to show how you will and are keeping yourself updated about new inventions and discoveries in the engineering field. It is better to include all the relevant CPD in CDR Report. Engineers Australia has divided Professional Engineers’ Competencies into Four Principle Elements, and They are:

    Any CPD Report must have the following things:

    • It Must be in list format
    • It may contain any formal or informal activity done in engineering field.
    • Must include detailed information like title, date, time period, location and other relevant information.
    • It must not exceed one page.
    • Not required to attach certificates of courses and events you were involved.
    Career Episodes

    What is Career Episodes (CEs)?

    Career Episodes explain your educational qualification and work experience in the engineering field. Career Episodes give detailed information on technical and other skills an engineer applied to the project described. All three Career episodes get written on three specific engineering projects for a particular time.

    Career Episodes are written based on the following activities:

    • An engineering project done during undergraduate or after graduation.
    • A project you are or working on in your workplace.
    • A research done in the field of engineering
    • A engineering position you are currently working on

    While preparing Career Episodes you must follow certain instructions given by Engineers Australia such as:

    • Career Episodes must be written in English
    • Each Career episode must be more than 1500 words and shouldn’t exceed 2500 words
    • A research done in the field of engineering
    • Each Career Episode should clearly illustrate your engineering knowledge and skills.
    • Each Career Episode should emphasize on personal role like what you did rather than what your team did.
    • You should use first person language. ( I did, done by me, did it myself)
    • Give more importance to engineering methods that you used to solve the problems.
    • Number each paragraph in each career episodes.

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    Things to consider before hiring a CDR writer

    We are renowned as Australia’s most successful CDR writing, RPL writing and KA02 writing service provider.The intellectual team of professional Writers, Experts, Engineers, IT Specialists, etc. provides high-quality CDR Services to the applicants. We help applicants from around the globe who want to migrate to Australia as a skilled workforce.

    Our team of writers possess many years of experience in this field and are highly qualified personnel. We have almost a 97% success rate until now. We guarantee an excellent quality CDR Report with original content.


    We are renowned as Australia’s most successful CDR, RPL, and KA02 writing service provider. We help applicants from around the globe who want to migrate to Australia as a skilled workforce. The intellectual team of professional Writers, Experts, Network and Systems Engineers, IT Specialists, etc., provides high-quality CDR or RPL writing Services to the applicants.


    Our writers or CDR experts have many years of experience in this field and are highly qualified personnel. We guarantee an excellent quality CDR Report with original content with editing and proofreading as we have had almost a 97% success rate until now with timely delivery.

    Highly Experienced Specific Engineering

    Experienced writers are at your disposal to provide you with a plagiarism-free report.

    On time delivery

    Following the proper structure and format of the CDR report, we will deliver your report at the scheduled time.

    97% Approval Rate

    We are a prominent service provider that guarantees your positive report approval from EA.

    Reasonable Price

    We provide original content following all the guidelines at an affordable price.

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    Our main aim is to see our client’s approval for a well-formed report that adheres to the proper guidelines created for the migrants. CDRReportWriters offers high-quality service at an affordable price to ensure complete customer satisfaction.