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Get NER service to get new opportunities in Engineering fields in Australia.

The goal of NER is to provide a framework of registration across the Australian private and public sectors for engineering professionals, technologists, and associates.

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    NER Services

    What is National Engineering Registration (NER)

    NER, the acronym for National Engineering Registration, is a comprehensive resource guide to facilitate the recognition of engineers that meet industry skills, qualifications, and professional standards. In 2015, Engineers Australia introduced the National Engineering Register (NER).

    The goal of NER is to provide a framework of registration across the Australian private and public sectors for engineering professionals, technologists, and associates.

    NER is one of the most valuable resources of Engineers Australia and the perfect platform for Engineering Professionals to showcase their aptitudes and explore new opportunities in the era of Engineering fields in Australia.

    NER service
    Registration in NER

    Why should I seek registration in the NER as a Practicing Engineer in Australia?

    In the engineering community, NER serves as a platform for gaining recognition and status for capable and talented engineers. NER has a publicly-searchable database. Therefore, individuals and businesses can access qualified engineers, endorsed by Australia’s engineering peak body, through the NER.

    To select skilled engineers for projects or businesses, employers can access the information in this register. So, if you registered in NER, you will get more visibility in the engineering field as employers can find you through its publicly-searchable database. You will be recognized as a skilled and qualified engineer giving you an edge to get hired by your employer.

    Eligibility to join the NER

    Engineers who fulfill the high levels of expertise, qualification and professionalism anticipated in the business are recognized in this thorough listing. So joining NER will get you access to many reputable employers and companies.

    Both EA members and non-members of Engineers Australia can apply for the NER credential. However, it is important to meet some criteria if you want to be a part of NER.

    Before applying for the NER credential, you must:

    • Have an engineering qualification that is recognized by EA or have successfully passed the migration skills assessment by EA or have a membership competency assessment.
    • Have work experience in the engineering field for at least a minimum of five years, in the last ten years. Additionally, you should have at least four years of full-time post-graduate experience equivalent to your engineering work.
    • Meet all the requirements of your occupational category for independent practice.

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    NER Application Guidelines

    NER is a challenging process to accomplish. Therefore, the required guidelines and precautions should be taken to achieve a successful NER.

    Work experience Statement

    You need to demonstrate your work statement or projects chronologically with your recent and relevant experience. You should highlight all the projects you’ve been responsible for and your accomplishments.

    Include situations, problems, and opportunities you’ve encountered. Describe the skills and knowledge you used and the outcomes you achieved. If you took any actions to address problems, include them as well. Don’t forget to highlight the places where you’ve shown innovation and creativity.

    For the NER, the evaluation will aim to ensure that your technical competencies are currently operational in the areas of practice in which you are seeking registration and that you are practicing ethically. If you have held more than one position within the last 7 years, you must include the following information:

    • Your employer’s name, location, and address.
    • Your position title(s), including the start and end dates for each position.
    • A succinct description of your role and responsibilities in each position, including your most notable accomplishments in that position.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    A CPD must cover 150 hours showing all the activities of the previous three years, including all his/her workshops, seminars, meetings, online courses, etc. Some applicants may be able to show that they have completed up to 150 hours of CPD in the previous three years, while others will be able to demonstrate only having undertaken a lesser amount, which, as a minimum, should be 50 hours of CPD in the twelve months before lodging your application for the NER.


    Your application must also include the names and contact information of two referees who can verify your recent work experience. They’ll need to be:

    • Chartered members of EA (preferable), registered on the NER, or engineers with at least five years of postgraduate engineering experience.
    • An engineer with whom you have recently had a professional relationship.
    • An engineer who is familiar with your work and the experiences you’re using to support your self-assessment.
    • The same engineering practice area in which you seek registration.

    An assessor will contact your referees to discuss your experience and qualifications.

    Self-Assessment form

    If you would like to apply for NER, you will have to complete a self-assessment form online. This form helps you rate yourself against the National Engineering Registration (NER) competencies.


    You will be notified when your application for registration on the NER can be assessed based on the documentation you submit or if additional information is required. The initial review of your application for NER should take about 3 to 4 weeks.


    Documents Required for NER

    For the members of EA, you will need the following documents.
    Work Statement, or a resume highlighting the projects you’ve been responsible for and your key accomplishments.
    Evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
    Contact details of two referees who can verify and support your work experience included in your work statement.
    For the non-members of EA, you will need the following documents.
    Work Statement, or a resume highlighting the projects you’ve been responsible for and your key accomplishments.
    Photo identification scanned in color. You can use a passport or driver’s license.
    Transcript from EA accredited qualification, or migration skills assessment by EA outcome letter or EA membership competency outcome letter.
    Evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
    Contact details of two referees who can verify and support your work experience are included in your work statement.
    Areas Covered

    Areas of practice covered by the National Engineering Register

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    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Subsea Engineering
    • Telecommunications Engineering

    If you have successfully completed Stage 2 – Competency Assessment with EA as a Chartered Engineer, you can also register under the following areas of engineering practice:

    • Building services engineering
    • Design and verification of pressure equipment
    • Fire safety engineering
    • Heritage & Conservation
    • Leadership and management
    • Naval architecture
    • Oil and gas pipeline and petroleum engineering
    • Subdivisional geotechnics

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    5 easy steps to apply for NER

    If you are eligible and have all your above-mentioned documents ready, follow these five simple steps to apply for your NER credential:

    Note: Members of EA can join the NER when they apply for the Chartered credentials.

    1. Create an account in the Engineer Australia portal.

    3. As mentioned above, obtain two referees, who are familiar with your engineering work and the experiences you're using to support your self-assessment.

    5. Finally, you will receive a notification of your outcome. You will automatically be added to the NER if you are successful.

    2. Log in to your account where you will find the online self-assessment form. Complete the form to rate yourself against the NER competencies. Then, apply for NER.

    4. The next step is to sit for an interview with a qualified Engineers Australia assessor.

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