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    ACS RPL Report

    ACS RPL Report Writing Service

    ACS RPL report writing services for ICT professionals who want to migrate to Australia. Information and communication technology applicants have to go through a skill assessment by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). CDRReportWriters consists of highly experienced IT experts who can prepare proper RPL reports for the Australian Computer Society. We provide the most exceptional ACS RPL report writing service with the backing of a team of RPL report writing specialists. We make sure that all the requirements set by ACS are fulfilled regarding RPL reports. Our experts are available 24X7 to guide and assist you in every way possible.

    ACS skills Assessment Service

    What is ACS RPL Report?

    RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, a report written to Australian Computer Society by those willing to migrate to Australia with an outset of ICT-related careers but does not hold a degree of ICT qualification or come from an unrelated background to IT. Thus ACS provides an opportunity to those applicants for assessing their knowledge and skills through RPL report under ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment, who would otherwise not meet the ICT criteria. We provide the best RPL reports written by experienced ICT-oriented writers.

    Who needs ACS RPL Report?

    The applicants who will need to prepare the RPL report depend on the qualification background. ACS RPL report preparation category can be categorized as follows:

    • Applicants having a non-ICT degree qualification require a minimum of 6 years of work experience as a professional ICT employee in a field relevant to the nominated occupation.
    • Applicants who do not possess a tertiary qualification require an additional two years of work experience as an ICT skilled employee (8 years in total). However, the additional two years of work experience are not required to be relevant to the occupation of choosing

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    Prepare ACS RPL Report

    Steps in preparing ACS RPL Report

    Steps in preparing ACS RPL Report

    You should properly read the ACS Australia guidelines and then check out relevant samples of RPL reports before beginning to write one. You should research and find out the relevant ANZSCO codes of the specific area of ICT you want to apply to and the tasks you need to demonstrate in your RPL report based on that.

    Plan how you have to write the RPL report. Decide the things you want to include and leave based on the guidelines and the steps you are going to take, and the structure you will follow.

    Once your planning is done, start writing. Make sure that you cover all the technical requirements with proper grammatical structure and flow. The better option would be to hire an excellent tutor for guiding you through various steps of preparation of the RPL report. We provide experienced experts as tutors for helping you to write your RPL report. Here are some tips on writing a comprehensive RPL project report.

    • Make sure that you have chosen your projects wisely. Select only those projects to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as mentioned in the task listing of the related ANZSCO occupation.
    • Fill in the project’s details, designation, the timeline of the project, and other specific things accurately.
    • Don’t forget to include the system analysis and design process you used, programming languages used, and database management techniques implemented in addition to the ICT managerial activities.

    Revise to see if you have included all the elements that you had planned to include in your RPL report initially. Check the whole document for grammatical errors as well as meaning-wise errors in the sentences.

    It is always an excellent option to get your RPL report revised by experts in the wake of mistakes you might have overlooked. can provide you with an excellent reviewing service of your RPL report.


    Format of ACS RPL Report

    The RPL Project Report form is available on the ACS website itself. This form is utilized for filling in the details about your project. In this form, there are two sections you have to fill in, as explained below:

    Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

    This section has the contention of two topics: Essential Core ICT Knowledge and General ICT Knowledge.

    Essential Core ICT Knowledge

    It has two topics under this out of which only one topic is to be chosen.

    Professional Knowledge about various factors related to ICT is gained in two situations. Either through educational endeavors or work experience. There are many subtopics under this from which only two sub-topics are to be chosen and explained based on the projects you did at various companies

    Sub Topics

    • Ethics
    • Professional Expectations
    • Concepts and Issues Regarding Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Societal Issues

    This area of knowledge dictates about the creative and innovative ideas that are required by any of the ICT professionals. There are three sub-topics in this out of which two are to be chosen.

    Sub Topics

    • Modelling Methods
    • The process to Understand Problems
    • Methods and Tools for Handling Abstraction

    General ICT Knowledge

    The general ICT knowledge stream consists of three topics out of which one is to be chosen and explained in the context of projects you did.

    There are three sub-topics under this. Two of these are to be chosen and explained.

    Sub Topics

    • Hardware and Software Fundamentals
    • Data and Information Management
    • Data Communications and Networking

    There are three sub-topics under this. Two of these are to be chosen and explained.

    Sub Topics

    • Human Factors
    • Programming
    • Information Systems Development and Acquisition

    There are three sub-topics under this. Two of these are to be chosen and explained.

    Sub Topics:

    • IT Governance and Organizational Issues
    • IT Project Management
    • ICT Service Management
    • Security Management

    Section 2: RPL Project Reports

    In this section, you have to provide the details of the projects chosen. For this, you need to provide two project reports: one must be prepared based on a project you undertook within the last three years and the other for a project within the last five years. There are various devoted sections in the form for each report as told below:

    • General Project Details include the Project title, timeline, team size etc.
    • After that, you mention the stages of the project divided into four parts.
    • The next section is about the roles and responsibilities specific to the project.
    • You have to tell about the business opportunity or problem on which the project was based
    • Then you need to mention the contribution you had towards providing solutions to those problems.
    • Afterwards, you also need to explain any design or problem-solving methods you used during the project.
    • You have to list down the deliverables you were expected to give by the project end.
    • Finally, you need to discuss the results sequentially with the contribution you provided towards the implementation of solutions, assessing project success or failure and providing extra points about things you could have done more or differently during the project.
    Rejection of RPL

    Reasons for RPL Rejection

    There can be several reasons for the rejection of your RPL. Some of them are listed down and explained below:


    It is a grave offense to use plagiarised content in your RPL report. Beware that the samples and resources you find are just for your reference and not copying. Even if you copy those contents, you will have to prove the reports you claim. ACS will catch and identify the copied content in no time leading to them banning you. Your RPL report must, therefore, be unique and authentic.

    Insufficient Work Experience:

    ACS has set the criteria regarding the skill level requirements. First, you need to have sufficient years of work experience to meet the suitability criteria for skilled migration. Work experience only after meeting the suitability criteria is considered skilled employment and eligible for the skilled migration points. If your total work experience cannot meet the eligibility criteria, then your RPL is liable to be rejected or assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of experience.”

    Irrelevant Job Description:

    RPL report is prepared to assess your knowledge, skills, and contribution you have made in your nominated field of occupation. Hence you must include all the relevant duties and responsibilities you have performed during your employment period. However, keep in mind that at least 65% of the duties that you have explained in your RPL report must be relevant to the nominated occupation. Otherwise, your RPL will be assessed as “Not suitable due to lack of information.”
    Reasons for rejection of CDR

    Things to consider before hiring a RPL Report Writer

    RPL Report 1

    The RPL Writing Service Provider should be registered in Australia

    ACS RPL Report Writing Service should be registered in Australia. It is essential that the consultant you are trying to hire is based in Australia itself so that they are aware of the ICT market scenario and can advise you properly. is a registered organisation in Australia.

    RPL Report 3

    RPL writing service provider should be familiar with the immigration process

    The ACS RPL writing service provider must also possess a familiarity with the immigration process.

    RPL Report 2

    RPL writing service provider should have an extensive background in IT

    IT specialists must write ACS RPL Report. Many consultants are providing RPL report writing services where academic writers are used for drafting rather than ICT major writers. A writer who has an extensive background in IT can prepare a better RPL report. We only use IT writers, to prepare your RPL reports ensuring the quality is good.

    RPL Report 4

    Plagiarism Checking and Removal Service

    The ACS RPL writing service provider must provide the plagiarism checking and removal service and always consider having original content on the report

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