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ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment

What does ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment by EA

ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment

ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment: Australian Computer Society (ACS) is a leading authority to the association that intended ACS Skills Assessment to assess the skills and knowledge of the applicants who are willing to apply for Australia Immigration. Before applying for Australian migration, applicants must have essential qualifications and skills.

Thus, professionals from other countries with no ICT degree or insufficient ICT qualification are required to showcase their knowledge and skills to ACS for Australia Skilled Migration through an RPL report form for Skills Assessment.

The primary objective of the ACS Skills Assessment is to provide an opportunity for non-ICT-qualified professionals to demonstrate their skills. This helps them to show that they have equivalent skills and how they attained those skills. A certain amount is charged as the fee for Migration Skills Assessment. The ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment fee varies according to a few factors.

The ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment will assess if the applicants’ educational qualifications and work experience are at the professional ICT level and closely related to the nominated ANZSCO occupation for the purposes of migration. Initially, the applicant’s qualifications are assessed to determine the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) comparability with the use of Australian national education standards.

After establishing the AQF comparability, the ACS assesses the units of courses to determine the professional ICT contents of the applicant’s qualification. The outcome of this assessment helps to determine if the applicant’s qualification is a Major, Minor or if the content of ICT is Insufficient.

Categories of ACS skills assessment

This application procedure is mandatory for individuals intending to immigrate to Australia. Four types of application categories are there that ACS support in a skills assessment. ACS skills assessment categories are:

  1. Skills Assessment
  2. Temporary Graduate
  3. Post-Australian Society
  4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Categories of ACS skills assessment

1. Skill Assessment

This category is a general skill assessment to assess tertiary applicants of ICT skills and professional expertise in the ICT sector. Suppose you have an ICT education from any other country and professional experience in the field. Still, no official year degree from an Australian accord; in this particular condition, applicants have a great chance to assess their skills and knowledge through this application.

In case you have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualification with an ICT major, then to have this skill assessment, you must have the following:

  • Relevant experience of at least two years in the past ten years of work history or, 
  • Relevant work experience of 4 years anytime in the past
  • In case you have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualification with an ICT minor, you must have the following:
  • Relevant work experience of 5 years in the past ten years of work history
  • Relevant work experience of 6 years anytime in the past

2. Temporary Graduate – 485

Temporary Graduate is only a skill assessment of educational qualification for those professionals who have obtained an Australian bachelor’s level or above and intend to apply for a 485 visa. 

3. Post-Australian Society

It is a skills evaluation application that requires Australian qualifications, professional skills, and a professional year curriculum.

4. Recognition of Prior Learning

Suppose the applicants do not hold ICT-relevant degrees but have professional expertise in the ICT field. They can evaluate their competencies with the help of the RPL skill assessment application process.

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Qualification criteria for ACS skill assessment applicants

Verifying your credentials, work experience, and jobs to the ANZSCO standards you’ve chosen, you can learn about the preparation of the ACS skills evaluation approach. Qualification analysis generally assesses the degree of equivalence between your qualification and the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) and identifies how your qualification applies to your chosen profession.

According to the ACS, the following table summarizes the minimum degree and professional experience required for ICT applicability.

Checklist of Documents For Online ACS Application Form 

  • Page of applicants’ Detail of Passport
  • If applicable, Name change evidence
  • Award or Degree Certificate (with the name of the institution or university along with the title of degree and date of the award)
  • Award or Degree Transcript (with the grades or marks achieved and name of subjects) of Undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications as applicable
  • Payslips or other shreds of evidence of Paid Employment
  • References of employment
  • Form of ACS or RPL (in case you apply for Recognition of prior learning)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Form of Migration Agent Authorization 

Note: If all your documents are not in English, you must submit the original copies and their translations. Translations should get done by authorized translators only.

ACS Migration Skills Assessment Fees

The fee for the application for ACS skills assessment is as follows:

Application Type Fee (in AUD)
Temporary Graduate Visa or Visa 485 Skills Assessment 500 500
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment 530
General Application for Skills Assessment  530
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Skills Assessment 575
Review Application 395
Appeal Application 395 

Reference: Migration Skills: Individual Applicants | ACS

How to apply for ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment?

The ACS assesses the skills of the applicants if their educational qualifications, as well as work experience, are at a professional ICT level and closely related to the nominated ANZSCO occupation for the purposes of migration. Here, you can get the ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment guidelines. The process of application for the ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment is given below:

  • The applicants are required to ensure that they understand the details of their personal visa as per the requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs or utilize the service of a registered Migration Agent (MARA) to assist them with the application for their visa before submitting an ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment.
  • The applicants must ensure that their qualifications and work experience relate to the requirements of the ANZSCO code.
  • The application form must be filled out, and all the required documents must be uploaded as certified copies in PDF format.
  • All the pages should be combined in one PDF document for the entry of each qualification and each employment.
  • The documents must be scanned at a resolution of no higher than 200 DPI.
  • The maximum limit for uploading each PDF is 3MB.
  • The PDF files should not be protected with a password, and the read-only file must not be sent.
  • The ACS will send the email with the assessment result letter that can be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs as evidence of the ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment.What is RPL report and why is it required?

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How to ensure that ACS Skills Assessment for my RPL Report is satisfactory?

The applicants who are willing to migrate to Australia but do not have ICT or insufficient qualifications have an opportunity to show their skills through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). For this, two Project Reports are to be included that consists of a comprehensive description of a career episode in the history of employment with adequate detail of evidence in applying the claimed knowledge in a working condition.

The ACS RPL report must be written in a particular format provided by the assessing body of ACS. The RPL report will be rejected immediately if the guidelines are not followed. Based on the actual work experience of the applicants, the RPL report must be written. If false information is included, then the RPL application will be rejected. The prepared ACS RPL must be totally free of any plagiarized content.

It should not be copied from the RPL samples available in the internet sources. ACS detects duplicate or plagiarized reports easily by using TURNITIN software.

If it is detected, ACS reports the applicants to the IBP department and could be banned. The job description in the report must be relevant and closely related to the employment duties of the applied application as per the ANZSCO code list.

Following all the tips and guidelines, you can ensure that the ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment for your RPL Report is satisfactory.

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