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Best ways to prepare your Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL report

employment reference letter for ACS RPL report

Best ways to prepare your Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL report

An employment reference letter is an important part of an RPL report for non-ICT professionals to reflect what they have gained through all those years of experience equivalent to the one of an ICT degree. Your employment reference letter includes all the details on your educational background, past work history, capability, and skills.

As we already know, the RPL report is prepared by applicants who lack an ICT background or whose ICT qualifications are insufficient to meet the Australian Computer Society requirements. ACS performs a skill assessment of the applicants based on their skills and work experience.

When an RPL report is submitted, an employment reference letter has to be included. Australian Computer Society is responsible for undertaking your skill assessment. You have to follow the guidelines as guided by the ACS.

Your work experience must be professional for the occupation you’ve claimed.

Employment Reference Letter Format

The employment reference letter for the ACS RPL report consists of the following:

Employment Reference Letter Format

1.  Date of Employment

You need to write the start and end dates of your employment period. The date format should be in a specific DD/MM/YY format.

2. Position of job employment

You have to include the employment position you were assigned in. Details on whom you worked must be mentioned.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

All the duties you’ve accomplished in each of your employment records must be clearly stated. This should reflect your work and how much you’ve learned. For example, if you’ve worked as a Senior Aeronautical Engineer, you must list all the roles and responsibilities you performed for the assigned projects during your employment period.

4. Specify the Work hours

Whether you did a full-time or a part-time job at your employer, you should clearly mention the total working hours per week in each of your employment records.

5. Country of employment

Your employment can be undertaken from anywhere around the world. Make sure you list the location of the organization you worked for. You have to submit an organization letterhead by authorized personnel. (digital signatures must be verified and acceptable)

  • Australian Employment
  • Outside Australian Employment

6. Certification

The employer or any authorized personnel must sign the reference letter and thus shows the validity of the same.

However, a few things should not get considered in the reference letter, which is as follows:

  • Generic details that would not express your duties and responsibilities should get avoided.
  • You should refrain from including any fake information or misinterpretation in the reference letter, which is essential.
  • Applied occupation must get retained, which activities are not relevant for you.

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Main tips to prepare Employment Reference Letter

Below are three tips that will help you in preparing your Employment reference letter in the correct way:

1. Write the best job description.

Creating unique content with no plagiarism issues is important to achieve success. Don’t try to mislead ACS; only write about your work experiences. Mention everything about the job experiences you need to discuss in your essay that must be professional and pertinent following the ANZSCO code.

You need to mention each employee’s start and finish dates in the prescribed format of DD/MM/YY whenever you draft your employment reference letter. Include the date the reference gets written, and in case you are currently employed, indicate that you are using “To Date.” You need to follow the criteria in the letter and mention the number of hours you worked.

2. Sufficient work experience

Before applying for the ACS skills assessment, you need to have enough work experience. It needs to draw attention to all of your assets and strong points. The skill criterion needs to be met along with employment experience until you qualify as skilled employment and earn migration points.

Always include a thorough description of your jobs, responsibilities, and skill sets while providing an employment reference. This part typically draws attention to all of your assets and strong points.

3. Valid signatures

You need to submit the job reference letter of a representative designated to you by your company. Include all your information, like the name and position of the person making the referral. 

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Rules for Writing Employment Reference Letter  

There are certain specific rules for writing an Employment Reference letter. Some of them are as follows:

  • Distinctive dates in DD/MM/YYYY format for the total duration of the employment
  • Your position in the specified field of employment
  • Responsibilities and duties performed during the employment
  • Roles and duties should get specified – in case applicable
  • Working hours – Full time/Part time and actual hours worked per week
  • Specification of the country employment that gets taken by you.
  • Organization letterhead signed by the approved individual (digital signatures acceptable and must get verifiable)

Scenarios for unacceptable work experience

1. Concurrent Employment

If the applicants execute one employment cycle and another employment episode simultaneously, only one employment episode can be recognized at a time.

2. Not Closely Relevant to the Nominated ANZSCO field

Based on the documents’ evidence, the duties mentioned have been assessed as not being firmly associated with the assigned occupation.

3. Not Assessable due to Insufficient Documentation

The provided documentation does not follow the ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines’ requirements or is insufficient to meet the assessment standards.

4. Not Assessable due to Insufficient Detail

The documentation does not contain sufficient information for the applicants to assess.

Possible reasons for ACS RPL Employment Reference Letter Rejection

The Australian computer society (ACS) mainly verifies your RPL reports and RPL reference letters to evaluate candidates’ skills. Comparing your experiences to the reference letter, ACS verifies it. It usually follows that the reference letter and RPL report must be consistent. CDRReportWriters provides the best RPL report-writing services at affordable prices.

There are also instances where candidates receive a favorable evaluation in various RPL project reports but get turned down for a reference letter. The following are some explanations for references letters getting disregarded:

Possible reasons for ACS RPL Employment Reference Letter Rejection

  • Unclear dates

It would be best if you did not clearly indicate start and end dates; otherwise, that leads to rejection.

  • Lack of proper job description

The ANZSCO nominated occupation’s specifications must align with the reference letter’s responsibilities and obligations. That’s why 65% of duties must be the same. Otherwise, the letter gets rejected for being ‘unsuitable owing to lack of information.’

  • Plagiarism and Fake information

The copied scenario will get rejected. Your reference letter and RPL report must get unique. Additionally, the ACS will verify your information; thus, providing false information will automatically result in rejection.

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Employment reference sample letter example

Date: 25/03/2021

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that Mr. John Walker worked as a Software Engineer with Mercury Prague Ltd. in Wisconsin, the United States as a Full-Time employee from Jun 16, 2007, to Apr 16, 2019.

Roles and responsibilities are as follows.

ICT-related roles and responsibilities

  • Detecting technical difficulties and challenges, software or system implementation, system maintenance, repair, update, and configuration
  • Databases, operating systems, and security systems are all subject to troubleshooting.
  • Device testing, finding and correcting functionality errors and defects, and writing code
  • To ensure the programs work as planned, guide staff, and uphold quality levels.
  • Supervise product monitoring and review to ensure the quality of the products or services delivered by ensuring that all aspects are in place.

Managerial-related roles and responsibilities

  • Organizing and performing quality audit inspections and analyzing and evaluating processes.
  • It is essential to identify variations and possible high-risk zones to ensure conformity to protocols and practices.
  • Monitoring and auditing policies and practices to suggest appropriate action plans and resolution improvements.
  • Connection with customers and administrators ensures that standards, practices, and quality compliance concerns and actions are understood and followed.
  • supplying Employee technical assistance and preparation
  • To satisfy customer demands, develop, manage, and validate new and current products.
  • The technical documentation includes procedural, educational, and organizational guides, manuals, and technical notes.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Whitney,


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