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What to include in your Summary Statement?

A summarised explanation of all three career episodes.
We help you cover all the competency units and elements needed to be addressed in your summary statement.

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    Summary Statement

    Summary Statement Writing Service

    Summary Statement is the brief explanation of all three career episodes prepared by an applicant for their CDR report. The basic format for a summary statement is a tabular structure as instructed by Engineers Australia. Summary statements are an overview of all of the competency elements. That is why you must thoroughly examine your career episode to ensure that everything is covered. It must be written correctly, linking all in the dots of the career directions. Since only one summary statement is needed for all three career episodes, it is recommended that your summary statement not be limited to one page.

    The complete CDR report consists of three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD. You can take our professional help in preparing the summary statement of career episodes. You can request professional engineer Summary Statement writing services from our licensed writers. We also provide summary statement examples for reference purposes if you want to prepare them by yourself.

    Summary Statement writing for Cdr report

    What is a Summary Statement?

    A Summary Statement is an essential document for CDR Report that precisely describes each career episode. It is a table format document that briefly presents the contents of any Career Episode based on the competency elements that need to be fulfilled. The career episode is prepared by indicating several paragraphs. You have to mention the correct numbers of the indicators, units, and elements you refer to and link them with your career episodes. It makes it easier to directly access the relevant paragraph to find any particular element mention in the summary statement. The three categories of criteria that you would aim to show are as follows:

    1. Your technical expertise and abilities
    2. Utilization of your engineering skills
    3. Your technical and personal qualities

    Engineers Australia has different templates of Summary Statements for each category of Engineers. Those categories are Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associated, and Engineering Manager. Thus, the competencies that must be fulfilled also differ in each template depending upon the category applied.

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    Prepare Summary Statement

    Tips for preparing the Summary Statement

    tips for preparing summary statement

    Summary Statement is prepared in a very natural sequence. The first document EA will check is a summary statement, so the competency element asked in each career episode must be filled in very carefully. The EA evaluator assesses a career episode based on the summary statement. Therefore writing whole career episodes will not impress the Engineers Australia; each element of a summary statement must also be adequately addressed so that the Career Episode looks authentic enough.

    The summary statement shows an individual’s competencies in summary with the limited word length, which entirely indicates the career episodes with the qualities asked by the EA for a nominated occupation.

    Some of the areas that are to be highlighted are:
    Knowledge and Skills base, Engineering Application Ability, Professional and Personal strengths

    This section shows your engineering knowledge and skills for the nominated occupation. You must be able to show that the acquired knowledge and expertise have been applied to real-world scenarios/projects. One must also demonstrate a conceptual understanding of mathematics, research directions, contextual factors, and an understanding of scope, norms, and accountability of engineering practices.

    It is the main section of the summary statement writing as it helps you to prove your technical capabilities and skills as an engineer. In this section, engineering application ability is checked where the solutions to complex problems, systematic design processes followed as well as tools and resources used are shown.

    In this section, both professional and personal strengths are showcased. The professional and personal attributes like leadership ability, creative behavior, ethical and professional practice, and information management techniques are dictated in this part.

    Hence, each sub-section that is mentioned above should be filled in correctly, keeping the view of career episodes in mind.

    Summary Statement Writing Service

    Why do you need a Summary Statement Writing Service?

    A proper and well-sequenced Summary Statement makes exceptional career episodes that are more authentic and provides a professional look. But preparing the summary statement is not an easy task; you need proper advice and guidance. Also, you require someone to check whether all the competencies to be fulfilled are addressed or not.

    We have a dedicated team of professional writers, engineers, and experts who can write proper Summary Statement for your Career Episodes. Our writers are fully aware of each competency element in the Summary Statement. Thus they can correctly and professionally draft your summary statement. Hence, trusting your summary statement with our writers would inevitably lead to a positive assessment by Engineers Australia (EA).

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