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KA02 Reviewing Services to avoid rejection from IPENZ.

KA02 report reviewing service so that a skilled writer can evaluate your report and inform you of any critical missing components.

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    KA02 Report Review

    KA02 Report Reviewing Service

    ICT applicants prepare a KA02 report to move to New Zealand as a skilled migrant. To work and live in New Zealand, applicants have to compulsorily submit their skill assessment. KA02 report is mainly required by applicants with no ICT content or no sufficient ICT content. As we have come across many applicants preparing their KA02 report, they faced tons of rejection. We always recommend our clients get their reports reviewed before sending out the application. provides an excellent KA02 Report reviewing service. Our dedicated writers make sure that your KA02 report is of good quality. Oftentimes, applicants write the KA02 report and submit it to the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) themselves. But due to the poor quality of writing and content, the KA02 report is rejected. Backed by our years of experience in preparing KA02 reports, we are able to review your KA02 report and suggest the necessary changes required to avoid rejection from IPENZ.

    KA02 Report Reviewing Service

    What is KA02 report?

    The Knowledge Assessment Report (KA02) is a specialized report prepared by individuals seeking to migrate to New Zealand. To be considered for migration to New Zealand, applicants must have an experience in ICT. The applicants’ skills will be evaluated by the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ). Applicants must give IPENZ a report detailing their qualifications and work experience in information and communication technology (ICT). The KA02 report, like the RPL report, is submitted by applicants who lack ICT background or are from a non-ICT sector.

    Why do you need KA02 report reviewing service?

    Despite the efforts to draft a good KA02 report, applicants commit many mistakes while preparing the report. Submitting your KA02 report without getting it properly reviewed could result in rejection. After the rejection, you will have to rewrite the entire KA02 report which will cause you the loss of money, time, and effort. Therefore you must consider the KA02 report reviewing service so that a competent writer can review your report and tell you about the missing elements in your report. We guarantee to provide you with the best KA02 report reviewing service. Our dedicated writers contribute to making your KA02 report error and plagiarism-free to help you achieve a positive assessment from IPENZ.

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    Importance of KA02 Review

    How can KA02 Report review help you?

    The major reasons behind the rejection of KA02 reports include insufficient work experience, lack of sufficient technical details, irrelevant descriptions of tasks, and plagiarism. We pay special attention to all these aspects while reviewing your KA02 report to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Our review service involves proofreading, editing, plagiarism check and removal.

    According to IPENZ guidelines, a KA02 report must contain all the technical aspects necessary to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Our team at makes sure that the technical portions to be covered in your KA02 report are present in their entirety.

    We cross-check your projects and their timelines against the requirements set by IPENZ. We also review the roles you have mentioned for each project to see if they contain enough technicalities to demonstrate your skills or not.

    The flow of activities and roles to be depicted in the KA02 report must be free from anomalies. We ensure that perfect flow is maintained in your report.

    Plagiarism is a very big reason for rejection of most of the KA02 reports submitted to IPENZ. We use advanced software for first detecting the amount of plagiarized content present in your report and then successively remove it to make your content original and unique.

    We proofread each part of your KA02 report to detect the spelling mistakes. Grammatical errors and typing errors and then perform the required edits accordingly.

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