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What is KA02 Report?

What is KA02 Report ?

What is KA02 Report?

KA02 stands for Knowledge Assessment 2, a technical report required to be submitted by Engineers to Engineering New Zealand to obtain New Zealand Skilled Migration. Knowing about “what is KA02 report” and writing it is a known requirement for engineers worldwide with an accredited qualification from a registered University in any country.

The primary purpose of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) KA02 report writing is to allow non-qualified engineering applicants to showcase their skills. They must demonstrate how they acquired their skills and knowledge, possessing the skills equivalent to that required by IPENZ to test engineers for knowledge assessment.

The applicants must be able to prepare a report that includes their skills related to the ICT manager, geotechnical engineers, or network engineers to acquire a positive outcome from the KA02 report. Designing a quality KA02 Report is tiresome and time-consuming work.

It also requires several skills, including but not limited to having experience in the engineering field, English proficiency, and deep knowledge of the significant engineering discipline or engineering practice getting undertaken.

Many people dream of working on foreign shores, but very few make it there. It is because they need to gain something in their profession. Instead, they still need to impress the foreign invigilators with their KA02 Report Writing Skills to get the chartered professional engineer position.

Also, they need more time to prepare a quality KA02 Report that meets all the required criteria. Moreover, the increment in the number of applicants has made the competency evaluation and skills assessment more critical than the previous year. 

Many engineers got rejected as they tried to prepare the KA02 report alone. Designing a professional KA02 is a technical challenge that needs skills and knowledge to prepare the summary statement and career episodes of the KA02 Report. Despite this, many engineers decided to prepare it for themselves. Those engineers get advised to include all the information required by the system administrator of IPENZ in their KA02 Report, similar to cdr writing.

Main components of the KA02 report for skilled migration

You must follow the required components of the KA02 report in case you intend to move to New Zealand as an engineer applying for a working visa. All skills and professional experiences get reckoned with by concerned authorities to grant you a skilled immigration visa.

The main components of the Knowledge assessment report (KA02) for engineers whose degree is not accredited with Washington Accord are as follows:

  1. Knowledge Profile
  2. Evidence of Application of Knowledge
  3. Supplementary Evidence

Main components of the KA02 report for skilled migration

  • Knowledge Profile

This section portrays all knowledge that applies to your engineering practices. You have to show your skills in comprehending various branches of Natural science and how they can relate to your engineering domain.

It also incorporates a thorough understanding of diverse ethical concepts and dedication to professional ethics that benefit society. You must delve deeper into methods and features, design management principles, communication in economic plans, and collaborative execution.

  • Evidence of Application of Knowledge

Applicants have to demonstrate professional expertise chronologically. Current projects completed, convey your significant responsibilities on projects you did, activities completed, and noteworthy achievements. 

It’s essential as it demonstrates all your qualities in your respective engineering fields. At last, you have to present all your information in Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

  • Supplementary Evidence

This section is the last component of the Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report, which includes all pertinent data applicants need to fill out to get a skilled migration visa. All the evidence regarding all your project or action must get demonstrated as a shred of additional evidence. 

Points to be considered while writing your own KA02 Report

  • You can improve the quality of the KA02 Report only with some essential writing ability.
  • The applicants must be able to provide all the information for knowledge assessments required by the IPENZ in their KA02 Report.
  • The applicants can write a worthy KA02 Report only if they clearly understand their subject.
  • It would be best if you avoided the chance of any misunderstanding by writing a KA02 in the most straightforward language possible.
  • Try to animatedly describe the most tedious engineering career episode in your KA02 so they can flash interest in the mind of the most unsuspecting people.
  • When writing KA02 Report, the applicants must follow the language and style according to the official standards of IPENZ New Zealand.
  • The applicants must follow a proper and exciting structure of KA02 Report Writing as mentioned by the IPENZ New Zealand.

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Common problems faced by the applicants of New Zealand skilled migration

Engineering New Zealand has mentioned the fundamentals you need to include in your KA02 Report. We have a team of professional engineers who correctly understand your particular domain’s graduations and can assist in coming up with Work Episodes that can highlight each element suitably and sufficiently.

  • Language skills are also a considerable problem for network engineers or ICT managers who want to migrate as professional engineers in New Zealand. Good English writing skills are mandatory for preparing for a KA02 summary statement.
  • It must be grammatically correct and must be able to demonstrate that your communication skills are good. Remember that once your KA02 Report gets rejected, there is no use submitting again for re-assessment.
  • When it comes to skills assessment, IPENZ is strict, and its process of IPENZ competence assessment get based on evidence. You must submit work records, career episodes, email correspondences, or files to show that you worked on the project you mentioned in your work episode. In the absence of those files, you need to prepare them too.
  • IPENZ or engineering NZ might only accept your KA02 Report if you include the calculations, charts, and sections related to your work episodes. Usually, people have 1-4 work or career episodes on their KA02 Report. If you are not aware of what you must focus on or how to highlight your technical skills and knowledge, it might not be easy to prepare a Report that can show you in a positive light.
  • You must submit the KA02 Report within a deadline mentioning engineering knowledge. Usually, you receive a reminder email 3 to 6 months before your assessment date. But if you don’t, you will be responsible for inquiring about your deadline for submission. Your visa application can be fatal if you wait until the last minute to prepare your KA02 as in RPL report writing.

How to recognize the best service provider of KA02 Report Writing for New Zealand

There are top reasons why certain service providers are the best for clients from different engineering specialties and help you win visa approval on the very first attempt. Some of them are as follows:

  • Knowledge of the KA02 assessment process

Applicants need to follow specific guidelines to apply for accreditation to the Washington Accord while writing the KA02 report. There exist particular parameters which the concerned authority assessed. Hence, you need to ensure that your service provider knows well about the requirement and evaluation of IPENZ, highlighting all your technical skills and engineering qualities.

  • Professional writers have to be domain specific.

You need to follow those experts who have a thorough knowledge of the language and skills required to write your report. They can prepare the best one only if they have good language proficiency.

  • KA02 approval rate by Engineering New Zealand

This feature is the primary tool to analyze the writing services within a limited time. It has proven that CDRReportWriters have a 100% approval rate for writing services for the Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report, as we have highly proficient experts who have impeccable knowledge of grammar and all requirements.

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Why choose us for preparing your KA02 Report?

CDRReportWriters has a ton of experience and expertise in providing KA02 reports to professional engineers who want to migrate to New Zealand for better work opportunities in the institute of professional engineers. New Zealand allows professional engineers to work in the companies located in its country but with the condition that you are skilled in your field and have a degree under the Washington Accord.

The engineers who lack the affiliated degree must submit the reports based on the profession to which they apply. We understand the applicants’ necessities and prepare the reports based on their information.

Our conspicuous team of engineers is well aware of the guidelines provided by the IPENZ. Hence, KA02 for New Zealand Skilled Migration has great importance. For this reason, you should choose a professional KA02 report-writing service provider like CDRReportWriters.

Our team of cdr and ka02 writers is highly skilled and experts who will assist and guide you in preparing your Report. We assure you that we will include all the information provided by the developer programmer or plant engineer in the reports for positive assessment by Engineering New Zealand.


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