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Craft your career episodes with us for an effective CDR. Get your academic skills and knowledge onto another level for your migration skill assessment as per Engineers Australia guidelines.

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    Career Episode

    Career Episode Writing Service

    The career episode is one of the essential parts of a CDR report. The applicants need to submit three career episodes to Engineers Australia (EA). The career episode plays a vital role in showing your skill, knowledge, and capabilities in your engineering field. The career episode report demonstrates different aspects of your engineering work and working experience. You can write your Career Episodes for academic projects that you did during your study period or the projects you did while working professionally for some company.

    Well, for both of the cases, writing a career episode takes the same procedures. We have a team of professional writers and experts who can provide you with the best career episode report writing service that showcases your engineering skills and knowledge for your nominated occupation.

    career episode writing

    Why Do You Need Career Episodes?

    Engineers who do not have an engineering degree from Australia must demonstrate their competency to the Engineers Australia Institute (EA). They put your skills to the test before approving you to live and work in Australia. They want to make sure that the people they let in can work in the Australian job market and do not pose a risk to the economy. Thus, EA formulated the skill assessment of Engineers who want to migrate to Australia using the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

    The CDR contains Three Career Episodes, which are essential in showing your engineering skill and knowledge from your final year of engineering, internship program, or related work program. EA can measure the facts about the level of Engineering skills possessed by the applicant through the career episode. Thus, a properly drafted Career Episode is an absolute must if anyone wants to make sure that they get positively assessed for their migration to Australia by EA.

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    Format of Career Episode

    Format for Proper Career Episode Writing

    format of career episode

    Engineers Australia has set a structure on how you should prepare your Career Episode. You can find the format of the Career Episode report in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet by EA. However, we have simplified everything for your convenience, as explained in the sections below. Career Episode is categorized into four sections that are explained below in the most straightforward way possible.

    The introduction part serves as an opening to the career episode and should include necessary information. This section should be about 100 words. Some essential aspects that must be included in this section are:

    • Starting and Ending Dates of your project(career episode)
    • Name of the organisation where you worked or studied
    • Location of undertaking the project
    • Your designation/ Position at the organisation during the project
    • Any Supervision by designated people of the organization that you were provided must also be mentioned

    Learn more from the free CDR samples and use it as a reference purpose for writing CDR Report.

    The background section describes the context or project you mentioned and the objective of that project. The project, nature of the work area, and your roles and responsibilities on the project are introduced briefly in this section. In about 200 to 500 words, all the background information should be described. There are mainly five sections of the background part which are:

    Nature of the Project: The technicalities of the project are explained in brief, which describes what kind of project you are explaining in your career episode report and what area does it cater to.

    Objectives: The objectives of the project are elaborated.

    Nature of Your Work Area: The first section of the background contains information about the overall nature of the project, but in this part, you provide the details about the area of the project you worked on most of the time.

    Organizational Hierarchy Chart: To show your particular position in the project’s hierarchy during that specific Career Episode, you can use the Organization Chart.

    Roles and Responsibilities: You need to provide at least six roles that you performed during the project which show the technical aspects of the project. The tasks can be about calculations, design, analysis, fabrication/construction, testing, tackling problems, and even project management.

    The personal Engineering Activity is the main section of Career Episode, which should be about 500 to 1000 words. It reveals the details about your actual application of the engineering ability. This section includes all the explanations about the tasks you have performed in the project. The full information like what you did and how you did it, along with technical difficulties or challenges you faced during the project and solution of those problems should be highlighted. The vital information that must be included are:

    • A detailed hierarchy oriented explanation of the roles you performed during the project, the details of which you have already provided in the roles and responsibilities section of your career episode.
    • You should take care of the fact that you don’t go off track and use much jargon during it. Keep the explanation technical, concise, and to the point. Besides, include proper tables, figures, and calculation data wherever it supports the statement of activities.
    • After you have explained the roles you performed, you must select two of the small project areas where you faced difficulties and then successively mention how you solved those.
    • You should provide a detail of the teamwork/leadership you showed during the project.
    • Besides, you should also include creative strategies you implemented during the project.
    • Finally, the codes and standards that you used during the project must be mentioned.

    At last, summarise all the tasks of the project that you did/achieved and also highlight the engineering-related competencies. The word count in this section can be around 100-120. The following information can be included in the summary part of the career episode.

    • Project Overview
    • Completion of Objectives
    • Your Contribution to the completion of tasks and skills gained during the project
    Career Episode Writer

    Things to consider for Career Episode Writing

    Before beginning to write any career episode, some head points must be followed which are listed below.

    • The project for CDR has to be chosen very carefully. Both academic and professional projects can be listed in a career episode. Still, it should demonstrate the competencies set by your particular ANZSCO occupation listing.
    • The relevant facts and evidence must be provided with your claims.
    • Focus on your roles in the project rather than the purposes of the whole team.
    • The use of too many technical terminologies and jargons have to be avoided.
    • Only Australian English should be used while drafting career episodes.
    • Use of First-person narrative, i.e. use of “I” must be followed throughout the career episode in addition to using active voice mostly rather than passive.
    • The format of the essay should be used to write career episodes. Don’t use unnecessary tables and calculations. The description of the activities is needed rather than explicitly technical data.
    • The word limit of CDR should be between (1500-2500).
    • Follow the format of the career episode set by EA strictly and don’t divert from any section.
    • Provide proper numbering to each paragraph in the Career Episode for the easy reference in Summary Statement Writing.

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