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What are the KA02 report and its requirement criteria?

KA02 report and its requirement

What are the KA02 report and its requirement criteria?

Knowledge Assessment report (KA02) is a technical report prepared by applicants who want to migrate to New Zealand. The applicants should have a background in the ICT field to be eligible for migrating to New Zealand. The Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ) is in charge of evaluating the applicants’ abilities. Applicants must send a report to IPENZ outlining their credentials and work experience in information and communication technology (ICT). Like the RPL report, the KA02 report is also submitted by those applicants who lack ICT background or are from the non-ICT field.

The applicants who are applying for IPENZ will be assessed for their skills and knowledge in ICT. This assessment is a bright opportunity for applicants who do not have sufficient ICT background or tertiary qualification in ICT but has years of experience working in the ICT field. Their skills are reflected in the KA02 report. This provides equal opportunity for applicants with a degree in ICT but not equivalent to New Zealand universities’ degrees.

Eligibility Requirement criteria

IPENZ requires an individual to possess the necessary skills and qualifications before migrating. One of the skills that the IPENZ target from the applicant is ICT knowledge. ICT professionals worldwide have its qualification and abilities demonstrated in the ICT field to the IPENZ for New Zealand Skilled Migration.

Just as the RPL report for ACS, the IPENZ Ka02 report allows non-ICT applicants to reflect their skills and work experience as per the guidelines. They should include all the key areas in which they acquired their knowledge.

The applicants will be able to submit one of the two reports based on their skills and experience.

1. KA01 report

For applicants who have a degree from a university accredited to the Washington Accord and that follows the New Zealand university’s guidelines.

2. KA02 Report

For applicants who received a university degree that is not accredited to the Washington Accord or any New Zealand university.

The report will prepare engineering professionals to showcase their work experience and skills. IPENZ assessors will evaluate the competency units and further process their application for successful approval to enter New Zealand.

Things to know before applying for KA02 Skill Assessment

You should not jump on to filling up the application form without knowing the proper guidelines and the documents you will be needing. The first and foremost thing to do is read the guidelines properly. Then applicants have to make sure their basic requirements and knowledge match the one as per the guidelines. The KA02 Report must be filled out with these requirements’ specifics to validate their claim that they are qualified to apply.

  • Engineering applicants will be asked to submit three to four projects based on their personal engineering activities approved by the IPENZ authority. Make sure you provide genuine documents to pass.
  • Each of your project reports should be clear and precise. Mention your project’s main objective, the total time taken to complete the project, your position in the company, the duties you performed, task completed, and the issues faced, organizational structure.
  • Reflect on the technical parts in your projects along with the calculations, codes used. The design of the project is to be included with at least two examples. Additional innovations, along with documentation you have implemented during your project works, can be included.
  • You need a strong stance to claim your skills and qualification from previous employers, colleagues, and supervisors. You should write your report in the English language without using ambiguous phrases.

What common problems do the applicants face?

There are several reasons why your KA02 application might get rejected on your first try. You are not the first to encounter such rejection, and many engineers have faced the horror of being rejected for reasons that we will clear out below:

  • Insufficient competency elements in the KA02 application.
  • Use of complicated wording and long-phrase sentences
  • Documents missing or insufficient to validate your claim of engineering activity. It will also include your payment slip proofs.
  • Unable to provide sufficient designs, calculations, and other technical proof.
  • Plagiarised content and not able to meet the deadlines.

Why do we recommend Professional Help?

CDRReportWriters have a professional team familiar with the concept and guidelines for preparing the KA02 report. All you need to provide are your documents and your project report history to manage it according to the IPENZ rule book properly. Taking professional help will avoid you from the rejection you have to face as our experts will take care of them. We will be there in guiding you till you get a positive response from the IPENZ authority. We do provide free sample reports, which are solely for reference purposes only. Align with the KA02 report and KA02 reviewing, we help applicants with CDR report, RPL report, and other CDR-related services.

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