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How to apply for Skill Assessment with Australian Computer Society

acs skill assessment

How to apply for Skill Assessment with Australian Computer Society

Australian Computer Society is the main authority that undertakes the popular ACS Skill Assessments of applicants. ACS evaluates potential migrant ICT professionals on behalf of the Australian Government to ensure applicants meet the appropriate evaluating authority requirements for employment in Australia in a nominated occupation.

This assessment is done to test the applicant’s knowledge, qualifications, and skills gained during their academic year and work period. An applicant can use a registered migration agent to prepare for their skill assessment.

ACS Guidelines outline the qualifications for applying for a skills assessment in the Migration Skills Assessment program. However, they do not have specific details on migration or visa requirements. All the work related to visas is handled by the Department of Home Affairs.

Making an online application

Your Migration skill assessment will be based on the information and genuine documents you submit in the online application form. You need to include the following documents in your application.

  1. Passport Identification page (first page) of the passport that includes your name and other information.
  2. Proof of a name change (if applicable)
  3. Degree or Award Certificate: Name of the university from where the degree was completed. If you cannot provide enough evidence for the degree completion, your certification will be deemed inappropriate.
  4. Degree or Award Transcript: Upload your unit or subject names or points earned in chronological order. If you have a post-graduate degree, provide proof for the undergraduate degree as well.
  5. Employment References along with the proof of paid employment
  6. If you apply for an RPL application, you will need to submit an ACS RPL form too.
  7. Updated Resume to upload in the personal document section.
  8. Migration Agent Authorization form if applicable

Before making an online application, your application must be decision-ready, which means you must provide the necessary paperwork to ensure your application is reviewed as quickly as possible.

ACS is in no obligation to request further documentation. Submission of incomplete or inaccurate documents may cause the submission to be postponed and could result in an unsuitable outcome. Each applicant should ensure that the information submitted into the online application process is accurate and a true representation of your private details, education, and employment.

Application Status

Once you submit your online application, you will be notified via email for confirmation. This will include your ACS reference number and password that users can use to log in to your dashboard and check the progress through the online application status. Any further information regarding your application apart from what’s included in the online application status cannot be provided.

Priority request

Priority requests are available for applicants with an Australian visa deadline of fewer than twelve weeks from the application date. Applicants must have at least two weeks’ notice of the deadline. To get the request accepted, proof of the visa date must be submitted as a PDF document.

Documentation examples to upload as evidence:

  • The Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) page shows the visa expiry date.
  • A visa granted letter from the Department of Home Affair

The deadline notice must be received after the ACS skills application has been sent. The ACS has the authority to authorize a Priority Request depending on the deadline conditions. All priority requests that do not meet a visa deadline will be treated as general applications.

Application Processing time

The processing time of an application depends on the quality of the documents you provide. If your application is decision-ready and is under ACS guidelines, it will be processed in no time. Whereas if the documents are incomplete and the authority has asked for the additional documents, it will take more time to process that specific application. The normal processing time for an application usually takes about eight to ten weeks in maximum.

Assessment process

ACS skill assessments will check if your academic qualification and work level experience are at an expert ICT level and related to the ANZSCO occupation. Your skills and qualifications will be assessed to meet the Australian education standard. The course unit will be assessed to determine your qualification’s ICT content, whether it is categorized as Major, Minor or insufficient. Along with this, relevant work experience will be determined to meet the required criteria in the nominated occupation.

ACS outcome letter will be sent to you via email in PDF format. If your assessment is successful, the letter will be submitted to the DOHA and proof of your skill assessment. If your outcome letter is unsuccessful, the letter will provide you with reasons for the outcome and details on the review and appeal process.

Renewal and reapplication

Australian Computer Society does not provide renewal of letters. You need to submit a new application via the online application portal by logging into your dashboard.

Translation of Documents

The documents that are written in a language other than English must be translated. The original document, as well as the translation, must be forwarded for evaluation. Document translation inside Australia Acceptable translations should be acquired from translators that have been approved by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).
Document translation outside of Australia Translations that are appropriate can be accessed from:
• A Ministry of Justice or similar in the country where the certificate was received
• An Australian Diplomatic Mission’s Australian Education International Section (AEIS)
• Australian High Commission, Consulate, or Embassy
• Private and Commercial Translators
• The Awarding Institution

Overseas translations must be completed on the organization’s letterhead and have an official seal, the translator’s name, address, and contact phone number legibly written alongside the signature.
If required, the ACS must reach the interpreter to validate the translated documentation based on the information given.

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