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What is ACS RPL report and why is it required?

What is RPL Report and Why is it required?

What is ACS RPL report and why is it required?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a report written to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Only It gets written if you are willing to migrate to Australia and want to proceed with your career in ICT-related fields but do not hold a degree in ICT qualification or come from an unrelated background.

We provide the best RPL reports written by experienced writers. Thus, ACS Skill Assessment provides an excellent opportunity for the candidates to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills through the RPL report, even if they need more ICT qualifications or are from an ICT background.

The purpose of the RPL application is to provide applicants without an ICT educational qualification the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the equivalent knowledge. Applicants can achieve this by addressing as many of the areas referred to in the document.

The ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals (CBOK), as they consider being covered by their acquired knowledge. Applicants must provide two project reports as evidence of their level of expertise.

You are required to submit 2 Project Reports within an RPL application – ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form. Each report must provide a detailed description of your career and employment history with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation.

The Recognition of Prior Learning Project Report must be entirely your work. You must provide sufficient detail to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your ICT knowledge gained. You must reference all quoted or paraphrased material and all sources noted in the Project Report.

Please disclose information included in the Project Report, NOT your own, to avoid an unsuitable assessment and notification of fraudulent activity to DIBP. Please refer to the ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals (CBOK) to help you apply for an RPL.

Who needs ACS RPL Report?

ACS RPL applicants can be divided into two broad categories which are:

  1. Applicants with a non-ICT degree qualification require a minimum of 6 years of work experience as a professional ICT employee in a field relevant to the nominated occupation ANZSCO code.
  2. Applicants who do not have tertiary qualifications require an additional two years of work experience as ICT-skilled employees (8 years in total). Still, the other two years of experience are optional to be relevant to the ANZSCO code.

RPL ACS Report Format

Here are some components of the RPL project report that you need to submit; Enter all the details of your project as follows:

What is ACS RPL report and why is it required

  1. The critical areas of Knowledge

In this part, you must include all the details about your job experiences and degrees. Also, illustrate different skills if you have them. Two subtopics of this section are as follows:

  • Essential ICT knowledge
  • General ICT knowledge

2. The RPL Project Report

This section summarizes all the projects you have gotten involved in to showcase your skills. The RPL project is to demonstrate your understanding of the subject area as in the section. You should submit two copies of the RPL project report as per the authority. The first one should include the past three years and the second from the last five years.

ACS rules and regulations

Below are some rules and regulations that ACS considers when evaluating a candidate:

  • It is a must for candidates with at least six years of experience.
  • The average job experience for those without adequate qualifications is less than eight years.

You can find on ACS’s leading website about the ANZSCO code, where you can discover how to demonstrate the candidate’s competence. 

It would be best if you stuck to the ACS guidelines for writing the RPL report; otherwise, authorities will reject your application. If you need clarification, rely on Professional help for the ACS RPL report.

Required documents

You must submit documents proving your qualifications and work experience. Authority has guaranteed specific benchmarks on the details you need to include in the work reference letter. 

Therefore, your employment reference letter has to include the necessary details:

  • Employment begins, and finish date must be in the format of DD/MM/YY
  • The position you held,
  • Duties you performed,
  • Breakdown of any earlier roles,
  • Hours you worked per week,
  • Country where you had employment
  • Somebody having authority from your office must sign the employment reference letter. Also, include their name, position, and contact details in the letter.
  • Along with this, you have to give proof for your claims. So, your payment evidence must include the following:
  • Official government tax records,
  • Employment linked with insurance, and superannuation
  • Back statement with your name and your employer’s name on it
  • Payslips with your name on them and your employer’s name

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How to apply for ACS Skill Assessment?

You must follow the guidelines set by ACS well to apply for skilled migration to Australia. First, you must go through your visa requirements and check the ANZSCO code information handbook to see which occupational category your work experience is closely related to.

After that, you need to fill out the online application form on the official site. Even if you have insufficient ICT content in your tertiary qualification, the ACS skill assessment will allow you to apply if you have six years of relevant work experience. If you do not have any tertiary qualification, you must submit an RPL report for ACS and show that you have eight years of relevant work experience. Applicants must complete the following steps to apply for a skills assessment in ACS for immigration to Australia.

  • Get skill assessment done by ACS body online.
  • Prepare for the PTE examination.
  • Submit your EOI (Expression of Interest)
  • Wait for ITA
  • After you receive your ITA, get your PCC (POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE) and medical done.
  • Pay your visa fee

For RPL Assessment, the candidates should submit two project reports via ACS Project Report Form. In a word, applicants should mention the project undertaken in the last three years and, in another piece, the project undertaken during the previous five years. The various parameters for RPL for ACS, which should get considered for ACS Skill Assessment, are mentioned below.

  • The topology of the network with size and installed secure facilities
  • The various techniques followed during quality assurance and project management
  • The contribution of the candidate to the processes of design and implementation
  • The methodologies used in system analysis and design
  • The different techniques used in file and database design and management
  • The programming languages used and various procedures adopted for design paradigms.
  • The implementation of internet-based application design and security measures
  • The managerial activities in ICT should give details about the nature of responsibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents would you require for an RPL assessment?

You need to provide some documents as evidence to prove your competency. Those pieces of evidence can be either direct/primary or indirect/secondary. Direct evidence includes work samples, recordings, artifacts, or original documents like birth certificates, academic transcripts, licenses, etc. Indirect evidence includes a CV, work references, work review, etc.

How long does the RPL process take?

On average, the RPL report writing process takes around six weeks, starting when you submit your evidence or documents. RPL process length also depends on how much time it takes to gather evidence of your skills, experience, and qualifications and the level of recognition needed for your chosen course.

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