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How can an engineer with no prior working experience write CDR?

Write cdr without work experience

How can an engineer with no prior working experience write CDR?

CDR without work experience can be written. Yes, you can write it based on your academic projects, training, and workshops. The authority will not check at your papers associated with experience if you are not claiming any points for it, but if you are presenting your CV, be sure to include all.

You may include everything you want in your CV, even if your experience is irrelevant because you will not be requesting the experience assessment. Mention everything that you have done as even if you aren’t claiming any points, they want to see a sense of consistency in your work. Whether you decide to include your prior experience or not, in both cases, what you have to do is put forth your best effort on your CDR.

Now, let’s discuss what CDR is and how you can write a perfect-looking CDR without any prior work experience. The competency Demonstration Report is a set of documents that are required to prove competency in engineering skills to the Institution of Engineers Australia.

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report ) can be seen as a compulsory document that engineers must submit to get migration permission for working in Australia. Engineers Australia evaluates these engineers based on their CDR reports. The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) has established clear rules for preparing a CDR report.

If your report does not follow these standards, your CDR application will be stopped for about 11 months, and you will not be able to commute to Australia until the suspension period is through. Your CDR report will be rejected for not following MSA guidelines. Engineers who are members of Engineers Australia-recognized engineering organizations, on the other hand, are exempt from preparing the CDR report.

How to write a CDR without work experience?

Consider the structure described in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) handbook while drafting a CDR report. First and foremost, decide which engineering career you wish to be evaluated for. Then gather information about the skills and abilities necessary for the job you’ve chosen.

You can write CDR within a few step-by-step processes. CDR must contain Personal Information, Application Information, Education, Employment, and Reports. Below I have mentioned all items that must be included in a CDR report:

Personal Information

  • Prime ID
  • CV/Resume
  • Passport size photo
  • Name change documents
  • English language test (TOEFL® / IELTS / PTE ACADEMIC™) results

You have to include all of the entities mentioned earlier details.

Application Information

  • Evidence of registration (if applicable)
  • Nominated engineering occupation

Select your engineering profession carefully and include just the papers that pertain to it.


  • Academic transcripts
  • Degree Certificates
  • Transcript and Enrolment letter (if enrolled in any formal educational program)
  • Additional qualifications (if any)

Don’t forget to provide information about educational institutes. Pay attention to the capital and lower case letters.


  • Evidence of employment
  • Translational and original language documents (in languages other than English)

If you are claiming engineering work for more than a year, you must submit a reference letter (with relevant information) from your company.


  • CPD statement
  • Three Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement

In a list style, a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) must incorporate all information regarding your engineering developments after your undergraduate qualification.

Every part of your engineering activities and employment experience is described in a career episode. That is, it provides information on how you used engineering talents in your designated job. It should be written in MSA format.

For each of the three career episodes, just one summary statement is required. You must provide a brief analysis of all three career experiences you wrote in your summary statement.

Once you’ve completed writing, double-check that it’s free of plagiarism and follows the MSA Guide. It is required because if the CDR report is rejected or judged to be unrelated to the MSA(Migration Skills Assessment)  format, and you may be denied entry to Australia by the EA, i.e., EA banned.

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