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Skilled Recognized Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

Skilled Recognized Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

Skilled Recognized Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

The skilled recognition graduate subclass 476 visa is an Australian visa type that allows engineering graduates to travel to Australia for an 18-month stay and work. According to the rules, you must have finished your studies at a university within the last two years. However, this visa is valid if the applicant does not hold any other visa, such as a subclass 485 or graduate subclass 476 visas. You should not be older than 31 years old.

You can stay in the nation by extending this visa with the aid of a graduate subclass 476 visa since you cannot apply for another skilled, recognized visa. You can apply for this subclass visa from any nation, but you must remain outside of Australia until the visa is approved. While in the nation, the visa holder can visit their loved ones. Traveling to any other nation and returning to Australia as many times as you wish is not restricted.

Who can Apply for the Graduate Subclass 476 Visa?

Before applying for a 476 subclass visa, the candidate must meet several requirements. As an applicant, you will only be given an Australian visa subclass 476 if you meet the requirements.

  • Apply for a 476 visa while residing in the country or anywhere around the world. But you have to be outside of Australia while this visa is granted.
  • If you are a subclass 444 visa holder, you and your family can be anywhere while the visa is granted.
  • You should not be a primary visa holder of subclass 485 or subclass 476 visas.

What are you Allowed to do With Subclass 476 Visa in Australia?

You can travel and stay in the nation with a graduate subclass 476 visa. You can work and study in Australia with the aid of Australian visa subclass 476 for the duration of this visa validity. Once you satisfy the requirements, you can apply for permanent residency.

You can travel to and from the nation as many times as you desire with the 476 skilled graduate visa. You can also apply for a visa with a member of your family. For the visa to be issued, you and your family must fulfill the requirements.

  • The applicant’s family members who desire to stay with them in the nation can do so.
  • With a visa 476, he or she can work or pursue higher education that can be finished in less than 18 months.
  • A category 476 allows you to travel to and leave the nation several times.

Graduate Subclass 476 Visa Eligibility Criteria

When applying for a 476 skilled graduate visa, you must meet the following requirements. To avoid being turned down or dismissed while applying for a graduate subclass 476 visa, you must meet all requirements. You can also check the Australian home affairs official site to know more about subclass 476 visas.

The Australian visa subclass 476 should not have any errors. Some of the eligibility criteria for 476 skilled graduate visa that you must meet are: you have to be below 31 years, you should not have any amount registered under your name under the Australian government, have to be a qualified engineer or higher qualification in the past two years, must meet the health and character requirements, you should have good English Proficiency, have to sign the Australian statement before applying, the applicant should not hold any other visa subclass such as 476 or 485.

Graduate Subclass 476 Visa Eligibility Criteria

Visa Status

Your visa should not have gone through rejection or cancellation while residing in the country.

Debt Status

You must not have any debt registered to your name under the Australian government. If anything is there, you need to clear the amount first before applying for it.

English Proficiency or Have a Passport

If you do not contain a valid passport from the United States or the UK, New Zealand, or Canada, you must provide English proficiency details.

Australian Statement

You need to sign the Australian statements, which say that you will respect Australian law and obey the Australian way of life.

Health Requirements

You must meet health and character standards according to Australian government regulations.

Other Visa Holder

The applicant should not hold any other visa subclass such as 476 or 485.

Age Factor

Need to be below 31 years.


When applying for it, you must be an engineering graduate or have earned a higher degree within the last two years. You can include civil engineering, structural engineering, chemical engineering, or any other type of engineering in the qualification. It will accept engineering degrees from the University of Berlin, Germany, or the University of Hannover, Anna University in Chennai, the Amir Kabir University of Technology in Iran, Banaras Hindu University in India, etc.

Checklist for Skilled Recognition Graduate Visa Subclass 476

The subclass 476 checklists will assist you in explaining the process of obtaining a subclass 476 Australian visa.

  • Verify your passport and 476 visa conditions
  • Do health tests if required.
  • Collect all your documents such as the English proficiency test, qualification certificate, Id card.
  • Apply for 476 skilled graduate visas.
  • While applying, you can be anywhere, but you have to be outside Australia when the visa is granted.
  • After the application is completed, check with the authority if they need more details. If required, then submit the documents and details at the earliest.
  • If the application is accepted, your visa will be granted
  • You will get all visa-related information, such as the visa’s start date, grant number, and so on.
  • If the application gets rejected, it will inform you about its reason but won’t refund the processing fee.

Visa Subclass 476 Processing Time

The processing time for subclass 476 is not set in stone. If you don’t supply all of the essential information for the application form to be processed, it will take along. If you don’t supply all of the essential information for a 476 skilled graduate visa, processing will be tough. The visa cost for 476 is AUD 405.

For Australian visa subclass 476, 75% of the applications take 15 months, and 90% take 20 Months. The 476 skilled graduate visa is designed for engineering graduates who want to enter the country and continue their education or work in an approved institution.

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