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What to do if your visa is near its expiration date?

visa expiration date

What to do if your visa is near its expiration date?

Applicants cannot stay in the country as it will be termed illegal after the visa expiration. Extend your stay in Australia, also check eligibility for a PR. Australia is the dreamland of many people with the expectation of getting employment opportunity that pays them well. International students who are skilled in specific sectors are given a chance to come work, live in Australia. Australia has seen an alarming number of migrants. Permanent residency is the main target of migrants. Australia has opened its wide arm for skilled applicants to come work for them and, in return, live a prosperous life.

Visa is granted for the applicants according to their work or study duration. As soon as the study or work period due date nears, so will the visa due date. In short, your visa date will expire when the course is completed. Remember that onshore and Offshore visa application processes differ from each other.

With the visa expiration, applicants won’t stay in the country as it will be termed illegal.

It is a wise decision to check the visa validity date before you reach your deadline if you want to extend your stay. You can check your visa validity date from Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) or a visa grant letter.

Apply for PR before visa expiration

Applicants try to target permanent residency after they near their visa deadline. They have to fulfill specific criteria to be eligible for a PR visa.

English proficiency proof

Academic credentials, biometric data, job experience, and documentation demonstrating positive ability evaluation are all needed.

Total points gained

To apply for a permanent residency, the applicant will need to have a minimum of 65 points. The points you gained depend on the field of occupation you choose.

485 Temporary Graduate Visa

A temporary graduate visa requires students to remain in Australia for a limited time until their visa expiration. This visa allows them to travel, learn, and work in Australia. Temporary Graduate Visa types.

  1. Graduate Work Stream, i.e., for 18 months
  2. Post-Study Work Stream, which is valid for two or four years

If you have professional experience, you can earn points from this. You will be given five extra points for one year of additional work experience. But if you have applied for a temporary visa, you cannot apply for the same.

Professional Year Program

Degrees in computer science, engineering, accounting, and other fields from Australian universities will help you earn 5 points. In this curriculum, you can gain new insights and improve your skillset.

Work Readiness Program

A job-ready software is another factor that will help you get your permanent visa application approved. Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) offers a Job Ready Program that allows international students to obtain qualifications and experience in their respective fields.

Visa Sponsored by an Employer

If an employer nominates you for your qualifications, you can apply for an employer sponsor visa if your employer is an Australian.

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