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Migration Skills Assessment by EA

migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia

Migration Skills Assessment by EA

Engineers Australia is the designated body for assessing skills and competencies regarding engineering occupations in Australia. It works with the Department of Home Affairs, migration agents, and international organizations to develop rationalized procedures for migration skills assessment by EA for engineers who wish to migrate to Australia.

Every year, thousands of engineers in and outside Australia apply for Migration Skills Assessment, and EA helps them achieve their goals. Guidelines from Migration Skills Assessment Booklet must get followed to get positive assessment results from Engineers Australia. 

The engineers are required to submit a CDR report for EA Skill Assessment before applying for Australian Immigration Visa. A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is nothing but a report that applicants willing to make a career in Australia must submit to Engineers Australia.

Based on skills, technical knowledge, and personal and professional attributes, the engineers’ competency gets assessed by EA. It gets highly recommended to have original content and avoid copying from others. Hence, the engineers must prepare a perfect and flawless CDR, including all the required details mentioned in the guidelines given by EA.

Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia is for all the engineers who do not hold Australian qualifications or qualifications from countries that are cosigners of the Washington Accord through the pathway of CDR. Engineers try to impress the Australian authority through CDR that they have all the skills and competencies it is looking for in the engineer of their levels and are, therefore, eligible for skilled migration to Australia.

Engineers Australia publishes the handbook of Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) time and again, which consists of all the information regarding the process and guidelines of the EA MSA for CDR writing.

Despite the detailed information provided by the booklet of Engineers Australia, most of the engineers’ CDR still need to be accepted. They cannot get the visa for migration as they failed to fulfill the EA requirements. You have to pay the engineer’s Australia assessment fees as it charges a certain amount as the fee for Migration Skills Assessment.

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Migration Skills Assessment for Engineers Australia (EA)

Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia typically takes 4 to 7 months through the usual route. To apply to Australia under the Skilled Migration scheme, you should ensure that your engineering discipline gets listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

If the SOL list consists of your engineering discipline, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select. You must then show that you have the skills and qualifications for your nominated occupation. All the engineers have different ANZSCO Occupation Codes. Among these, you need to choose anyone depending on your discipline.

Factors for Qualification for EA migration skills assessment

Qualifications are one of the main factors when choosing the right skills assessment pathway. This qualification gets determined by:

  • The country you received it
  • The type of qualification
  • Whether it’s accredited

Accords are the accredited engineering qualifications that get recognized through agreements. There are three relevant Accords – the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, and Dublin Accord. We will realize qualifications under these accords if:

  • The country was accepted as a full signatory under the Accord in case it gets completed after or in the same year.
  • The period specified as accredited on the signatory’s website for your country where your program falls within it.
  • Professional accreditation isn’t sufficient if your schedule gets listed as fully accredited.

If you completed your qualifications in Australia, which gets listed in Engineer’s Australia’s list of accredited programs, you could look directly through the Australian qualifications pathway. You can apply through the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) if you have an Australian provisionally-accredited qualification.

Process of Migration Skills Assessment

Engineers Australia assesses your engineering skills and qualifications and passes its report to SkillSelect. If you achieve the desired number of points, i.e., at least 65 points, you will get invited to apply for the visa within 60 days of the assessment process.

There is a process for applying for Migration Skills Assessment which is as follows:

  1. Check your qualification
  2. Understand the four engineering occupational categories
  3. Choose an assessment pathway
  4. Prepare your application
  5. Submission of your application
  6. Receive the outcomes

Process of Migration Skills Assessment

Occupational Categories of Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia

The process of skills assessment is an essential process for prospective engineers who want to migrate to Australia through a migration visa. Usually, this process takes place from four to seven months.

Keep in mind your engineering field that gets mentioned in the skilled occupations list (SOL) list just before migrating under this approach. After double-checking that your discipline is on the list, you need to register your Expression of Interest using Skill Select. 

Skill’s Evaluation of Engineers Australia assesses the applicant’s technical expertise and abilities and provides reports to Skill Select. The minimum number of points criteria in case the applicants achieve is minimally 60 points. EA divided engineers into four categories in the engineering professions in Australia for the skills assessment process.

Engineers Australia recognizes four occupational categories within the engineering practice in Australia:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

For migration, EA recognizes the additional category of Engineering Manager.

According to their skills and knowledge, engineers in every category have different academic qualifications and roles to play accordingly.

Professional Engineer

The Professional Engineer must complete an Australian four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering from University following 12 years of schooling or correspondence. Professional engineers get anticipated to be in charge of extensive engineering plans and initiatives. Multiple vital roles and responsibilities of a Professional Engineer are as follows:

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Focuses on the overall system and entire mechanisms.
  • Consider structured methodologies for the management and execution of engineering projects.
  • Pursues opportunities in engineering based on environmental, community, and social problems as well as interests.
  • Implement systematic procedures to conduct and manage engineering projects.
  • Enforces management and employs leadership qualities

Engineering Technologist

The Engineering Technologist must complete an Australian three-year bachelor’s degree in engineering and technology from University following 12 years of schooling or correspondence. They are relevant engineering programs after completing twelve years of education.

  • Focuses on specific interactions in the system.
  • Concentrates on the standards and implements the established processes and practices
  • Emphasize the assessment of resources and site

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Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager must complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering or fields related to engineering from University following 12 years of schooling or correspondence.

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Formulates the strategies, plans, and policies related to engineering.
  • Oversees and supervises all the required engineering operations
  • Controls and reviews the operations of engineering for an organization.

Engineering Associate

The Engineering Associate has to accomplish two-year advanced credentials or associate certifications in the relevant engineering programs after completing twelve years of schooling or correspondence.

Roles and responsibilities:
  • Follows the assessment of resources and site as well
  • Concentrate on the operations and components of the system
  • Support and follow standards, then implement the established processes and practices

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Checklist documents for EA skills assessment

The applicants must include all the essential documents required by EA and provide them as evidence to Engineers Australia (EA) for the skill assessment process. Various crucial documents which should get incorporated into the skill assessment process are as follows:

  • Passport image
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Educational or academic documents
  • Language proficiency test score
  • Name change proof (in case it is applicable)
  • Employment letter
  • Evidence of paid job such as tax paid, payment slips, etc.

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