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What Should I Do if I have not Enough Projects for Career Episodes?

Career Episodes

What Should I Do if I have not Enough Projects for Career Episodes?

The career episode is a vital part that shows your potential for migrating to Australia. The career episodes reflect your knowledge, capability, skill, and talent of your profession. It provides an accurate preview of your work and ability to EA evaluators.

The three career episodes with different projects are submitted to EA. Thus, your career episode should be able to convince the EA evaluator about your capability. The career episode helps to show your contribution and primary role in that project.

The three different projects of your career episode demonstrate the wide variety of your skillset. It is recommended to include three various projects in career episodes. But you may not have enough projects to showcase in front of the EA evaluator.

Well, EA accepts both your academic and professional projects. You can have many options to choose the project that showcase your best skill.

As you have the option to choose both academic and professional projects, precisely select the projects. If you include a professional project, use the organizational chart to demonstrate your position and role in completing that task.

And if you want to choose the academic project, try to select one of your internship periods. It should cover all the small details and your ability to solve any problem.

The career episode should be focused on your work and your contribution, not the whole team. You should include your roles and responsibilities that helped the team to achieve the outcome.

The scope of the project should be illustrated along with the comparison between the desired outcome and the actual outcome. All the problems or issues you face during the completion of that task, and your role in solving them also have to be mentioned. Always remember to highlight your skill, abilities, roles, responsibilities, and other leadership skills.

While you use all the technical terms in your episodes, use simple language that can be easily understood. The Australian English language would be more suitable in this case.

The unnecessary mention of team members and other unnecessary graphs and pictures bring a negative impact on your CDR report.

The EA evaluator wants the original and natural content in the career episode. The plagiarized content surely will not please the EA evaluators and would be the main reason for rejection and disapproval by EA authorities.


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Thus, you can effortlessly select the three different projects to describe through the career episode. The important thing is you should choose the one which replicates your skill and help to get the skilled migration visa of Australia.