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Reasons for CDR Report Rejection

Rejection of CDR Peport

Reasons for CDR Report Rejection

Despite an enormous amount of time and effort, CDR Report rejection often occurs. Thus, properly following guidelines set by engineers in Australia is extremely important when writing a CDR Report.

Your writing should be very comprehensive and follow the guidelines in the MSA booklet. You should be able to mention all the necessary details regarding the skills you have acquired and your work experience in engineering.

CDR is submitted to Engineers Australia to assess your skills, qualifications, and knowledge. Engineers Australia requires you to have the necessary skills in their branch of engineering before you migrate to Australia.

Therefore, Engineers Australia assesses the competency of engineers with a degree in different engineering disciplines but not covered under the Washington Accord. A top-quality CDR report should get submitted to Engineers Australia for your CDR approval. Guidelines from the MSA booklet should get appropriately followed, and getting a CDR report written by a first-time writer is very difficult.

If you do not write the CDR as per the guidelines and requirements of Engineers Australia, then the CDR Report rejection is apparent. You could either get tutored to write a CDR, hire someone to write it for you, or even get your CDR report reviewed by an expert.

Reasons for Rejection of CDR Report

Below are some major reasons for the rejection of the CDR Report:

Reasons for Rejection of CDR Report

1. Word count requirement

CDR report will be about 6000–6800 words in total. That will include your Curriculum vitae, CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement. The range of career episodes is between 1000 and 2500 words.

The preferred word count for CPD and Summary Statement is about 1500 for each. If your career episodes do not meet the prescribed word limit, they will not get accepted, and this is one of the main reasons why CDR gets rejected.

2. Plagiarized Content

Your CDR report rejection is unavoidable if you have copied the work from other sources. Your content should be 100% original as it demonstrates your competency. One of the common reasons why CDR gets rejected is using a CDR sample or the internet to copy and paste a project report.

Engineers Australia will identify your duplicated content and cause rejection of the CDR report, whether you did it on purpose or not. The CDR report is typically a one-of-a-kind work based on your specific profile and project. Read the sample, learn from it, and write similarly to avoid plagiarism and rejection.

3. MSA Booklet Guidelines

Follow the proper guidelines in the MSA booklet to ensure your CDR report rejection is evident. We cannot stress the importance of following the guidelines of the MSA booklet enough.

This MSA guidance firmly stated that first-person and singular words must get used in all three Career Episodes. When addressing group activity, highlight your duties and actions as a team member.

4. Career Episode content

Career episodes should focus on what you did as a person, not what your team did, along with technical detail. Each career episode demonstrates how engineering knowledge and talents have to get applied in the engineering profession of choice.

Calculations can be included in your CDR Report if necessary. On the other hand, technical details like diagrams, tables, and complex computations should get avoided in CDR writing.

Because your academic knowledge is already known based on your school degrees, Engineer Australia wants to examine your problem-solving and practical capabilities.

5. Writing CDR in another Language

It gets required that you provide your CDR report in Australian English. If you write the Career Episodes in a language other than English, you must translate them into English so that Engineers Australia can understand them and access your CDR report. Please utilize proper Australian English along with correct grammatical structure.

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Other more reasons

Additional minor reasons for the rejection of the CDR Report, which can’t get ignored while preparing it, are as follows:

  1. Innovative engineering ideas should be included, and a lack of technical design might be the cause of the rejection of CDR. 

  2. Mainly, CDR report rejection occurs because the method and tools you used in problem-solving are not specified in your CDR report. 

  3. There is a chance of CDR Report rejection If you do not demonstrate contextual factors and conceptual understanding that impact the engineering discipline.

  4. Also, CDR Report rejection is self-evident if there is no detail about your involvement in working for the safety of the environment and employees.

  5. If you do not mention your project duration, company profile location, and project objectives, there is a high chance of CDR Report rejection.

  6. Mentioning your ethical conduct and accountability is also extremely important. If you fail to do so, the chances of CDR Report rejection are distinct.

  7. If the summary statement is not connected to your career episodes, then your CDR might get rejected.

Career Episode for Migration Skills Assessment

Your Career episodes should be first and focus on things you did, not what your group did.

  • It would be best if you refrained from mentioning one project in two career episodes. Talk about one project in one Career Episode. You handled one project during your engineering in one Career Episode and two other projects you endured during your job in the other two Career Episodes.

  • You should never copy the project details of other CDRs, or form any external sources, as plagiarism should get avoided to avoid cause for rejection.

  • It would be best if you wrote your career episodes in paragraphs with proper numbering and without using bullet points in the career episodes. 

  • Please provide a translation of the CDR Report in Australian English if it is not Australian English.

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What are the mistakes in CDR report writing

The refusal of the CDR report could be caused by a variety of reasons. Below is a list of common mistakes that cause EA to reject CDR:
– Excessive technical details
– Plagiarized information
– Unsuitable career episodes
– Mention your own experiences only
– Word count Limit
– Incorrect format and structure
– Grammatical and other errors
– Unclear summary statement
– Irrespective of Continuing Personal Development(CPD)
– Use of inappropriate language

How do we write a Career report?

The career episodes must represent the time of your engineering practice. It must show your project roles and objectives. The content that is plagiarized will be rejected. Therefore write original content free of plagiarism.
The structure of the career episode is as follows:
Introduction: It contains the date, duration, location, and name of the organization.
Background: It is made up of your engineering activity, project objectives, the nature of your work area, a chart displaying the structure of your organization, and the role of your job.
Personal engineering activities contain engineering activities that detail what you accomplished and how you did it. You may also include technological issues and collaboration.
Summary: This section summarizes your total activity.

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