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Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (Subclass 494)

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (Subclass 494)

One of the most perplexing parts of migrating to Australia is the variety of visa alternatives available to you as a foundation for your Australia visa application. The skilled employer sponsored regional visa (Subclass 494) is one of these visa choices. The Subclass 494 Visa is a skilled employer sponsored regional visa that allows Australian regional firms to hire foreign nationals to meet skills gaps in their region.

They can sponsor skilled migrants under the 494 visa if they can’t locate a qualified Australian applicant for the job. The subclass 494 visa superseded the 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme on November 16, 2019. Each year, a total of 10,000 visas are available.

To be considered for the position, a candidate must have five years of sponsorship from a regional firm. For five years, holders of the subclass 494 visa can reside and work in rural Australia. Unless an exemption applies, it has a 45-year age restriction.

To submit a valid visa application, you must be in or outside Australia. With this visa, you can work, study, and reside in rural Australia. Employer Sponsor and Labour Agreement visas are the two types of visas available. After three years on a 494 visa, you may be eligible for a permanent Subclass 191 visa if you satisfy the conditions (coming into effect on November 16, 2022).

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (Subclass 494) Overview

A provisional employer-sponsored visa is a skilled employer-sponsored regional (Subclass 494) visa. This visa allows enterprises to propose highly qualified professionals for provisional visas if they are actively and legitimately functioning in Regional Australia.

A subclass 494 visa is obtained in three stages:

Sponsorship: The employer must apply for sponsorship approval or have already done so.
Nomination: The employer must submit a nomination that explains the position’s requirements and identifies the nominee.
Visa Application: The applicant applies for a Subclass 494 visa in an appropriate stream.

Key Eligibility Requirements

Common Criteria to all Streams

  • Your employer’s nomination must have received approval.
  • Your employer must be a Work Sponsor who has been approved.
  • You must have the sincerity to do the job you’ve been assigned.
  • The post for which the nomination is made must be real.
  • You must meet specific Public Interest and Special Return requirements.
  • You must be in good health and have a good moral character.
  • You must meet all Nomination Criteria, including those particular to the stream you are applying for, such as having a qualifying occupation on the relevant list, an associated post in a designated regional area, or a positive evaluation by a relevant Regional Certifying Body (RCB), and so on.
  • You must meet certain requirements for the visa stream you are seeking.

Employer Sponsor Stream

  • You must meet all applicable health criteria.
  • You can work in the specified occupation and a position for your employer unless you are excluded (sponsor).
  • You must be under the age of 45.
  • Unless you are exempt, you may be required to have a positive Skills Assessment for your specified occupation from the applicable skills assessment authority.
  • Unless you are exempt, you must have worked in your specified occupation for at least three years.
  • ‘Competent English’ must be demonstrated (prescribed applicants may be eligible for exemption).

Labour Agreement Stream

  • You must meet all applicable health criteria.
  • A signed agreement between the Commonwealth and your sponsor is required for your specified occupation.
  • Unless the Minister agrees otherwise, you must be under 45 years old.
  • To execute the professional responsibilities to your specified employment pertains, you must have the necessary credentials, experience, abilities, and English proficiency.
  • Unless the Minister determines otherwise, you must have worked in your specified occupation for at least three years.
  • The preceding description does not contain criteria and conditions for approval of nominated jobs, certification as a Standard Business Sponsor, or approval by a Regional Certifying Body (RCB).
  • This visa requires an authorized sponsorship, nomination, and RCB.

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (Subclass 494) – Is this Visa Type for You?

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This page’s content is offered for getting down under users as general information only; it is not intended to be used as immigration advice and should not be considered as such. Even if a lot of effort has been made to keep the content current and accurate, you cannot guarantee the correctness of the information due to the constant changes in migration legislation.

Can I get a PR with a 494 Visa?

The 494 visa does not let you go to Australia directly. After three years of residence in Australia, applicants can apply for permanent residency. It’s similar to the 491 visas, valid for five years.

Conditions and Pathway to Permanent Residence

  • You must live and work in regional regions for three years on a 494 visa to qualify for a Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa.
  • You will have the option of changing employment, but you will only have 90 days to locate a new nominator.
  • You will be ineligible to apply for any additional skilled PR for the following three years.
  • You are eligible for Medicare and are not required to obtain health insurance while on a 494 visa.


Skilled employer sponsored regional visa (Subclass 494)  will take about 3-4 weeks to process; no expedited or priority processing will be available. If you have any questions about visa subclass 494, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist you. Also, we provide engineers with high-quality CDR reports, advice, and 24-hour customer service at a reasonable price. We also provide summary statement writing, CPD lists, Career Episode writing, editing, CDR review, and other services.

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