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Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

Assessment Outcome Letter

Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

Engineers Australia will give you an Assessment Outcome Letter needed for migration reasons via email following the successful completion of the Skill Assessment. EA will send your outcome letter via email to your agent if you have designated a migration agent to follow up on your behalf. If it cannot deliver a letter electronically, it will be sent by regular mail, and you may be charged for this service. You may validate the outcome letters online by entering the application data on the Assessment Outcome Verification page.

Filling in the relevant fields on the outcome verification page allows third parties, such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), to see your result. Your evaluation date approved occupational category, and a copy of your outcome letter will be visible to third parties. DIBP case officers use their password-protected access to get more information about your application.

The assessor claims in the letter that the skills you exhibited in your CDR satisfy the current requirements for their categorized employment. According to the letter, your qualification has been assessed to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level as the highest applicable qualification under the General Skilled Migration points test.

Relevant Skilled Employment is a separate evaluation service for which you must apply and pay. The outcome letter will not reflect your employment if you have not applied for this additional service. And, if you’ve applied for it, it’ll be evaluated in light of your evaluation result.

Please keep this in mind: “The assessment does not represent a judgment on the truth of the allegations presented, and any recommendations provided in the outcome letter are based on evidence as submitted. Delegated officials of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have sole authority in determining points under the skilled migration points test.”

If not happy or satisfied with the result of your evaluation, you can request an informal review of your application or file a formal appeal. An informal review can take up to eight weeks to complete, and it must be requested within three months after obtaining the original assessment result. You must file a formal appeal within six months of receiving the initial assessment decision letter, and the procedure can take up to three months. The EA website has all of the necessary forms and costs.

Unsuccessful Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

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Engineers Australia will issue an Assessment Outcome Letter, a special letter for migrating to Australia, once the Candidate has passed the Skill Assessment procedure. It will send you this Outcome Letter through email or your migration agent if you do not have an email address. If you’d appointed someone to follow up on your behalf, they’d do so as well.

If there is an issue with sending online, they will send it by snail mail. In some circumstances, these standard post addresses will be charged. You may also get a copy of this letter by going to the Assessment Outcome Verification page and inputting your application information.

Submit Three Original Project Report to Get it Approved Again

Engineer Australia has chosen or rejected the Candidate’s CDR report, according to the letter. This outcome letter includes a statement from the assessor stating that your skills, experience, and other data have been validated and meet the current requirements for the applied detailed profession.

There is another service that will indicate employment. An exam is known as the GSM (General Skilled Migration) points test exists. These are some of the essential details that it will include in the final letter.

Relevant Skilled Employment is a distinct service that you must pay for assessments; this will reflect the profession in the outcome letter. It will provide the verification team an advantage in verifying the applicable rule.

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Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter points and suggestions are solely based on the assessment points, evidence, data, and skills supplied. They also consider the skilled migration points test and the evaluation of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

You can appeal an informal evaluation of your application. If you are dissatisfied or disagree with the result, you have the option to file a formal complaint. Relevant fees apply, and you can learn more about them on the EA website.

Within three months after receiving a letter, you must request an Informal Review; the review will take eight weeks. Formal appeals must be filed within six months of obtaining the original assessment result, and the processing time is three months.

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