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7 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

7 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

7 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

There are many CDR report mistakes made by applicants for Skill Assessment due to which a lot of applications are rejected. Engineers Australia requires a CDR to assess your ability and skills. A CDR report is a set of documents that indicate an engineer’s qualifications,  experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills. Engineers Australia’s Skills Assessment Test is required to move to Australia and work as an engineer. Many engineers also write their CDR without prior working experience.

We recognize that you are a candidate from a prestigious field. You may believe that writing a brief report is simple. In this instance, CDR is a difficult task. Making frequent mistakes while writing a CDR report is unavoidable, regardless of whether you are competent to pass.

If a Competency Demonstration Report is not written appropriately, it will likely be rejected. Thousands of CDR applications are rejected each year owing to minor faults in CDR  report writing.

Minor inaccuracies can lead to a negative evaluation outcome; candidates were prohibited for a year in a few situations. Furthermore, you may jeopardize your chances of pursuing a successful job if you make these mistakes.

As a result, you must carefully write your Competency Demonstration Report. Engineers Australia publishes a guidebook outlining all of the CDR application guidelines and frameworks, including structure, episodes, language, word count, and many other elements.

All of the criteria listed in the migration skill assessment Booklet should be followed when writing a CDR. A few of the most typical errors made when preparing the CDR Report are listed below:

Most Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants

Here’s a rundown of some of the applicants’ most typical errors while preparing a Competency Demonstration Report for the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment.

Writing Career Episode about Group Activity

The most typical blunder people make when describing how their group or team worked on the project, solved problems, and performed tasks. CDR, on the other hand, is intended to evaluate your abilities rather than the teams’.

It evaluates what you did on that project, what your job was, how you accomplished it, how you collaborated with others, and so on. As a result, write your Report in the first person, emphasizing what you (I) personally accomplished rather than what your team (WE) accomplished.

For Example, An academic project completed throughout his engineering studies was discussed by a mechanical engineer. You completed the project in a group, and different aspects of the project were distributed among the team members.

The group worked on a project involving wind turbine design and modeling. You separated the tasks into four categories: literature review, design calculation, project design, project analysis, project modification, component selection, project fabrication, and project testing or implementation. The mechanical engineer is involved in the following project as part of this project:

  • Design of the Project
  • Analysis of the Project
  • Selection of the components
  • Testing or implementing of the project

So, rather than describing the work done by the group to complete the project (literature review, design calculation, design work, analysis, fabrication, modification, testing, and implementation), she needed to describe their roles and responsibilities (design work, analysis, selection, and testing) in his Career Episode. Do not include group activity even if you do not have enough projects for Career Episode.

Consider the following example:

She wrote:

We used the Creo Parametric 2.0 design program to complete the project. For the design job, we employed a variety of tools such as lines, spline, extrude, sweep, and so on. Design work that we completed in software using mathematical calculations for design work.

She should have written:

I used the Creo Parametric 2.0 design software to complete the project. Lines, spline, sweep, extrude, and I used other Creo tools in the design. The software’s design work is based on mathematical calculations, and the final design is depicted in the diagram.

Division of One Project into Two Career Episodes

When writing Career Episodes, many people make the error of dividing the same endeavor into two pieces and including each portion in its Career Episode. Engineers Australia requires that you explain one complete project in each Career Episode.

For example, A Mechanical Engineer created his Career Episode based on work completed during his Engineering Course’s seventh and eighth semesters. The main objective of this task was to develop and simulate a wind turbine.

When she was in the seventh semester, she completed his first project. The project entailed gathering data, writing a literature evaluation, and designing the wind turbine’s procedure. As a result, she talked about this project in his first Career Episode.

In the eighth semester, you completed the second project. The project’s goal was to study the designed wind turbine, test it, alter it, and eventually produce a design and simulation report. As a result, in his second Career Episode, she wrote about this effort.

Even though these two projects had separate grades and were completed for different objectives during his academic career, EA considers them to be elements of the same project because you completed both projects to build a wind turbine.

Based on the first portion of the project, you completed the second part. As a result, EA views this as a single project that you completed in two parts. And you should only talk about it in one Career Episode.

Grammatical, Spelling Errors, and Report Formatting

When you present the EA with your CDR report, you submit an official document that a professional should have created. You must pay close attention to its layout, spelling, punctuation, and sentence flow in your CEs. It is an area that many people overlook.

Make sure there are no flaws in the flow of sentences, such as spelling and grammar mistakes. Because you are submitting your Report as a professional, it should appear to have been written by one. These are little errors, but they have a significant impact on your grade.

Plagiarism from Samples Available Online

You should never submit plagiarised CDR. The CDR Sample supplied by various sites is for educational purposes only. Engineers Australia employs a variety of tools to identify plagiarised content. So, whether you did it on purpose or by accident, you’ll be caught. Read the sample, take notes, and create your Career Episodes on your Projects in the same manner as the CDR Sample.

CDR in Different Language

Engineers Australia requires that you deliver your CDR report in English. So, cdr in a different language is a big NO. Please speak in Australian English and do so properly. If you composed your Career Episodes in a language other than English, you must translate your Report into English since EA may not review your CDR report if they do not understand it. A CDR in a different language is one of the common CDR report mistakes.

Use of Excessive Technical Details

It’s fine to include some necessary technical information in your projects, but including too many technical details, such as computations, charts, tables, pictures, and so on, on every project event decreases the Report’s quality. A CDR should provide information that is concise rather than lengthy and detailed details that readers would find dull. Using excessive technical detail is one of the common CDR report mistakes.

Not following the Structure of Report

When writing Career Episode, the first paragraph should be an introduction of roughly 50 words, followed by a background paragraph of 200 to 500 words, a body and main paragraph of 200 to 500 words, and finally a summary of Career Episodes of 50-100 words. Here is where you can learn more about the CDR Guidelines.

Additional CDR Report Mistakes Made by Engineers

Lack of information

One of the CDR Report Mistakes Made by Engineers is that they do not mention information like duration, address, company profile, and project objective. This material must be included and presented in chronological order. You have to include this information in your Report.

As part of your educational certification, you must choose a decent project to include in your CDR report. If your plan does not stand out enough, it may be rejected. Similarly, your application may be hampered if you suggest project objectives that do not satisfy the criteria.

Information presented using the bullet point

It is a typical mistake that many individuals do when preparing CDRs. Many people provide their important facts as bullet points, whereas they should be presented as paragraphs. Engineers Australia considers it to be one of their most important needs. So, in paragraphs, fully explain your statistics and other facts so that it is easily understood. Avoid CDR report mistakes by presenting details in paragraphs.

Word Count

Engineers Australia has specified the number of words submitted in each part of the CDR Report. Each Career Episodes must be at least 1000 words long and no more than 2500 words long. You’re offering extra information, and lengthening your career episodes won’t help you achieve a positive rating. As a result, you must select and present essential data to meet all of Engineer’s Australia’s standards. You may find more information on the appropriate length of a CDR report online, find it out to avoid CDR report mistakes.

No details about Design Activity

In the CDR evaluation, design activities are given a high emphasis. Lack of design experience could make it more difficult for your CDR to be accepted. Design Activity is very important. As a result, make sure to showcase any innovative engineering and technological experience with developing activities to avoid CDR report mistakes.

Not Mentioning Problem Statements

This is a critical component of the CDR Project. Make sure to include problem statements and the measures you took to solve them in your CEs. The facts of the projects you worked on and what you accomplished should focus on your Career Episodes.

A vague/ erroneous summary statement

Before you begin drafting the CDR report, keep in mind that it has three main sections: a Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and a list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Each has an important role to perform in the CDR report. A crucial CDR component is the summary statement, which provides cross-references for all career episodes. Most assessors will read the first page, which indicates your ability to evaluate data and form first impressions.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is misguided

For Migration Skilled Assessment, Engineers Australia requires a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report. CPD includes the following features:

  • Detailed information on official postgraduate study
  • Attendance at workshops, seminars, and short courses
  • Participation at conferences
  • Internships or volunteer work
  • The date, title, length, and location of the training must all be recorded via CPD.
  • If the Continuing Professional Development section of your Report is misleading, your CDR will be rejected.

Project selection is not so good

As part of your educational certification, you must select a decent project to include in your CDR report otherwise it can lead to CDR Report Mistakes. If your plan does not stand out enough, you may be rejected. Similarly, your application may be hampered if you suggest a project that does not match the requirements.

CDRReportWriters can Help you Avoid CDR Report Mistakes

A CDR rejection can result in a one-year Engineers Australia ban, which means you won’t be able to submit for your CDR assessment that year. After that, it’s over, so you have a year to review your Report, identify any flaws, and make improvements before reapplying. Your writing should be very comprehensive and must not be deviated from the guidelines in the MSA booklet.

If you disagree, you can also request a review through a formal appeal or an informal request. You have three months to file a legal complaint, after which Engineers Australia will examine it for six months. On the other hand, an informal request should be submitted within three months, although it will take eight weeks to complete.

Candidates who are confused about where to begin should seek professional advice. Our experts are already familiar with the CDR report, so can provide information to help you. To make it easier for you, we give free cdr report samples as well as ACS RPL report samples. Until recently, we had a success rate of about 99 percent. We guarantee a high-quality CDR Report with original content.  CDRReportWriters provides the best  cdr report writing services

Our team of professional Writers, Experts, Engineers, IT Specialists, and others deliver high-quality CDR Services to the applicants. We help candidates from all around the world who want to work as skilled professionals in Australia.

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