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Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)

What is a Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)?

Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)

A Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190) is granted to foreign workers who work in occupations that are listed on Australia’s skilled occupations list. With this permanent resident work visa, you may work and live in Australia.  A candidate for this visa must pass a skills test and be nominated by a state or territory administration. This visa has a number of advantages, including the right to work and study anywhere in Australia, as well as the ability to sponsor eligible families to immigrate to Australia. Furthermore, after a few years on this visa, you can apply to become an Australian citizen.

How can I Apply for a Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)?

How can I Apply for a Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)

Check the Skilled Occupation List

Check the Skilled Occupation Lists to see whether your occupation is included. Only persons who can fill a position on this list are eligible for a Subclass 190 visa.

Make Sure you Match all of the Eligibility Criteria

To apply, you must satisfy a few requirements such as competent English skills, age underage 45, health requirements, character requirements, sign the Australian Values Statement, and do not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government. Eligibility criteria are discussed in brief below.

Complete a Skills Assessment

You must complete a Skills Assessment and obtain an acceptable score to be eligible for the Subclass 190 visa. Your score must meet that specified in your letter of invitation. Instructions on how to get a proper Skills Assessment can be found on the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website.

Submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect

Next, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. The SkillSelect program will ask you several questions related to your background, skills, and relevant work history.

Obtain a Government Nomination

The Skilled Nominated Work Visa (subclass 190) requires you to be nominated by a state or territory government. Once you submit your EOI, it will be viewable by government authorities looking for prospective workers with your skillset. If a government decides to nominate you, you will receive a letter of invitation to apply for the 190 visas.

Apply for the Skilled Nominated Work Visa (subclass 190)

After you find an employer and get a nomination, you can apply for the 190 visas online through the DHA. You will need to include certain documents with your application, listed here.

Wait for a Decision

It can take several months for the DHA to decide on your visa application. Generally, the processing time for 190 visas is about 12 months.

Receive your Visa and Start Working

Once your application is approved, you will receive your visa and can start work in Australia.

Who Can Apply for a Skilled Nominated Work Visa?

However, before becoming too excited about the upcoming opportunity, it’s critical to understand the eligibility requirements in order to be a strong visa candidate. The best method to ensure an Australian PR visa is to take a skills assessment. In general, the applicant must meet certain criteria to be eligible for this visa.

The candidate must belong to a demand occupation in Australia. Several occupations are identified according to their ANZSCO code on a specific skilled list. In any of the occupations mentioned, you must have relevant experience or qualifications. Based on the facts and documentation provided, the skills evaluation should back this up. The skilled 190 visa is a nominated visa, which means that the applicant must have an Australian nomination.

You have to obtain the minimum necessary points. This can be determined using an online calculator or by having a professional evaluate your profile. A minimum of 65 points is necessary for skilled migration; but, due to severe competition, you will need far higher marks to be invited. Meet other essential eligibility criteria. It includes a clean criminal background and a healthy body and mind.

You can fulfill the application process if you have met all of the Australian immigration requirements. Your application will be handled in a maximum of 18 months if all goes well. It’s a simple way to get to Australia, where you’ll have the flexibility to live and enjoy the country’s traditional culture and way of life.

To be eligible to apply for Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa nomination, you must:

  • Have had your Registration of Interest (ROI) selected
  • Live and work in Australia
  • Work using your STEM skills
  • Be under 45 years of age
  • Have Competent English
  • Have a valid Skills Assessment
  • Have achieved at least 65 points

Documents Required to Apply for Skilled Nominated Work Visa

In your application, you will need to provide the following documents to show you meet the requirements:

  • Passport
  • English language test
  • Skills assessment
  • Detailed resume or CV
  • Employment contract
  • Payslips
  • Superannuation
  • Position description
  • Registration (if required, e.g. AHPRA)
  • Victorian declaration form
  • Appointment of agent form (if required)

What are the Benefits of a Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190)?

  • The Skilled Nominated Work Visa offers all the benefits of Australian permanent residence for you and your family.
  • Work and live in Australia indefinitely
  • Opportunity to study in Australia
  • Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare program
  • Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor relatives for permanent residence
  • Travel in and out of Australia as you, please


The processing time for a Skilled Nominated Work Visa (Subclass 190) will be 10 months for about 75% of all the visa applicants, and about 12 months for 90% of visa applicants.No accelerated or priority processing is available. Please contact us if you have any queries concerning visa Subclass 190. We will be more than happy to serve you. At a modest fee, we also supply engineers with high-quality CDR reports, guidance, and 24-hour customer assistance. We also provide other services like summary statement writing, CPD lists, career episode writing, CDR reviewing, and more.

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